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Recently we came across a situation where because of the expiration of security certificates some of the business-critical integration processes started failing. This arose an idea to bring a false proof solution in place – Let’s automate - Manage Security.

Good thing, SAP does provide some life-saving APIs and we can consume those to build an automated integration alert process.

For more details on the available list of OData APIs visit API Business Hub

Explore Security Content APIs -



In our case we will consume “KeystoreEntries” GET – Operation. As per our need we can explore other operations and APIs.

Time to make our hands dirty…simple and crisp 😊..


ODATA Channel Configuration:

  • Address: https://<TenentURL>

  • Operation Details: GET

  • Resource Path:  KeystoreEntries

  • Query Options: $select=Hexalias,Alias,KeyType,ValidNotBefore,ValidNotAfter,Validity,Type,Owner,LastModifiedBy,CreatedBy,Status,SubjectDN


Once we have the data, we can build our transformation logic (Step 5 above - Message mapping or Script) to filter the records which are getting due in next 30 Days.

Output Payload

Final action - Send an alert message to the concerned teams to take necessary action.
Now, it is your turn to automate the manage security content through a custom integration by consuming APIs from API Business Hub and add value to your monitoring capability!

Any question or feedback will be appreciated!

Happy learning!
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