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SAP Innovation Awards is a very prestigious platform for showcasing an innovative solution. We have been part of this since quite a long time and every year we get to bring something innovative as well as we get to learn from the Innovations all over the globe. This year as well we have tried to bring our best foot forward with our entry here 

Businesses need to continuously pace up in order to be with the market trends, climate and sustainability, digital transformation, and resilience. Digitalization became essential during pandemic and has forced businesses to change their way of working almost instantly. Now Digitalization is a critical aspect of survival. The same is emphasized in 2021 Year in Review by SAP

Automation of repetitive tasks and adoption of AI/ML into tasks are hindered by some challenges like licensing cost, configuration, flexibility, etc. Most of these can be dealt by use of Open-source solution as well as use of “automation components” that are plug-n-play mode to complement flexibility and extensibility. 

We at TCS, over the period, have been curating repetitive tasks that could be automated and have developed PyBots, aka Python based bots, for each of such tasks that hitherto needed human intervention and consumed human efforts.  Each of the PyBots is developed in a way that it is ready to use, easy to modify per ecosystem; normally defined in terms of plug-n-play. Further python being an open-source technology and offers Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision and data science like components, the investment challenge as well as time to deploy is nearly reduced to minimum. The repository of PyBots is continuously increasing with new PyBots that can connect with ERP systems, perform optical character recognition, do predictions using machine learning and integrate with services for email, ITSM operations. It also supports a chatbot which is powered by state-of-the-art NLP model.  

We have conceived and developed the Autogenous Synthesizer for PyBots (AS4P) that realizes the concept of low-code/no-code. It empowers the users with freedom of not having to code by enabling synthesizing multiple PyBots to connect together and instantly develop a new PyBot. This is similar to building a LeGo model, users can synthesize an automation solution by joining together various PyBots where each PyBot is akin to a building block. The AS4P exponentially adds to the capabilities of individual PyBots and the business users can conceive and develop new  PyBots with their innovative application. AS4P gives capability to easily create end to end automation processes pertaining to their specific business problems and ecosystem.  

In this vision of expediting business processes, bringing ease of operations the AS4P leverages various SAP services like SAP BAS, Cloud Connector for seamless development and deployment. SAP BAS provides a user-friendly cloud-based development environment whereas SAP Cloud connector ensures secure and seamless connectivity between on-premise and cloud applications.  

Thank you for reading!  
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