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In my previous blog, i have explained the procedure for configuring availability monitoring. This blog explains the way to do automatic alert configuration when the status of system goes down in the availability monitoring(system is down)

1.1  Pre-requisites for configuring auto reaction method

    • Done in 000 client (Monitoring system)
    • Create a User using T-Code SU01 and do the following configuration
    • User must have a mail id
    • In address tab Click the other communication option. Double click [RML- remote mail] and check whether the SID is in upper case.  Also check whether the RML client is 000 client.

  • Fill all other tab also and save.

1.2   Configuring SAPconnect:

  • Go to transaction SCOT
  • Double click SMTP

  • Make the following changes as shown in the screenshot and click ‘set’(enable node in use)

  • Go to Supported Address Types -> Select Inter Net option and click set button ->Enter ‘ * ’ in address area and click continue

  • SAPconnect Domain Configuration ( Go to Settiongs -> Default Domain )
  • Goto SETTINGS – DEFAULT DOMAIN and give the default domain value as  xyz.COM

  • Enter Default Domain Name

  • Click send jobs button from the menu

  • Click CREATE JOBS ( BUTTON ) -> Schedule for INT

  • Enter the Job name, Variant, Address Type, No. Work Process, Period, Start time and Background User
  • Click Continue

  • Automatically Background Job Triggered, Simply SAVE it.
  • SAPconnect created successfully

3.3:  Configuring SMTP Service

    • Transaction SMICM (activating SMTP service)
    • Click services –> Check whether SMTP service is activated.

NOTE: If the services is not activated create a service throw following steps.

  • Select Service

  • Click Service -> Create
  • Enter Service Port, log type, Alive and Max processing time then Create Service

3.4:  Checking the Mail server configuration:

    • Go to Transaction SBWP
    • Click new message
    • Enter recipient NAME and TYPE.
    • Enter needed details



1.5:  Goto transaction RZ20 –> SAP CCMS monitor template –>Availability and performance overview –> Double click on it.

  • In PERFORMANCE ATTRIBUTE type set the threshold values as required.
  • In Methods tab -> Select METHOD ASSIGNMENT push button

  • Select parameters tab and fill the required details.

Note : Remember to provide the user for which we configure the remote mail at the beginning of the document.

  • Save and go back to the auto-reaction tab

  • Now check the process by bringing the server down.

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