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Recently I start looking function of Power Automate Desktop. And build a small process to auto login SAP GUI through a local spreadsheet for practice.

As you know there are different ways to do auto login SAP GUI, like write program or use a password management tool, if your company just have license of Microsoft products include Power Automate Desktop, it is a good try to use PAD + Excel to make the auto login happened. you don't need write code, but just do some configuration in PAD.

Note: it's not safe to save all password in one single file, only suggest to try this way for personal login practice.


Create a spreadsheet which maintained your major SAP systems login information. please note the column name should be align with the names in the steps of Power Auto Desktop


  1. Run the flow of SAP auto login ( will explain how to create it later)

  2. In the popup window, choose the system name you want to login

  3. You can login to the system now

Power Automate Desktop Flow

Create 3 Subflows: Read_EXCEL, Display_List, Login_SAP

Subflow: Read_EXCEL

  1. Launch the spreadsheet include all SAP login information, assign the file name here

  2. Get spreadsheet data. in this case, need get the boundary of spreadsheet data first and then read the data within the boundary into datatable

  3. Display the system list dialog by calling Subflow : Display_List

    1. Retrieve data table column into a list 

    2. Display the list to select 

  4. set variable SAP_CONFI for selected row

  5. Close Spreadsheet. Don't forget to close the Spreadsheet after we got the needed information

Subflow: Login_SAP

After previous Subflow, you will save your selected login system information in the datarow vairable : SAP_CONFIG

Now we will login to SAP by using this variable.

Make a condition to check if SAP_CONFIG value is existing, if existing then Run application

SAP GUI can be run by calling sapshcut.exe in command line with parameter

Application Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\FrontEnd\SAPgui\sapshcut.exe  (Path where the SAP

GUI is installed)

Command line argument: (the column name need to be matched with Excel file column name)
start -sysname=%SAP_CONFIG['Name']% -client=%SAP_CONFIG['Client']% -user=%SAP_CONFIG['User']% -password=%SAP_CONFIG['Password']% -maxgui

In my company we use message server , so parameter sysname is used in the argument, if you application server , consider use parameter -system instead. See all parameters in reference.

Main Flow:


This document show you a possibility of auto login SAP GUI without remember password in different system. This solution is not perfect, the login process is a little bit slow and a password spreadsheet is not safe, but I think it is a good start and might help on some test automation scenarios.


All Parameters of program sapshcut.exe

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