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Obsolete Authorization concept will no longer work with the new BW version (BW 7.3 Onwards). So It is mandatory to migrate to Analysis Authorization concept before we could upgrade the BW 7.0 to 7.3 onwards.

Please find the steps to Migrate obsolete authorization to Analysis Authorization.

1)      Setting in SPRO

          Goto the T-code RSCUSTV23 or Follow the path t-code SPRO --> SAP Reference IMG --> SAP Netweaver -->Business Intelligence --> Setting for Reporting and Analysis  --> General Setting for Reporting and Analysis --> Analysis Authorizations: Select Concept

          Check whether it is 3.x or 7.x concept. If Authorization mode is “obsolete concept with RSR authorization concept”, it is 3.x authorization concept.

          Need to change it “Current Procedure with Analysis Authorization” for Analysis Authorization.

2) Migration Steps:-

SAP Standard Program to migrate the 3.x old concept authorization object to the 7.x Analysis Authorization.

Program Name: - RSEC_MIGRATION

  1. 1. Choose the users that you wish to migrate into the 7.x.
Note:-  Before you migrate users and the authorizations assigned to them, you need to make sure that you only migrate complete user groups. Complete means that only those users selected have the profiles that are affected by the selection of users and authorization objects.   2.  Select the authorization objects for which you wish to transfer authorizations. Make sure that you choose complete user groups. Otherwise the migration will terminate with an error message and a list of missing users in interactive mode.
3.  Select the method for generating the new authorizations. Start the next migration step with  Next Step.    
Direct assignment In this method, the authorizations are assigned directly. This corresponds to the assignment using Manage Analysis Authorizations → User Assignment.     

Generation of new authorization profilesA profile is generated for every authorization and assigned to the users. The profile includes the authorization object S_RS_AUTH and the technical name of the analysis authorization as the value.     

Enhancement of existing authorization profilesThis procedure add authorization object S_RS_AUTH to the old profiles, the values of which are the technical name of the newly generated analysis authorizations. Old and new authorizations are included in the same profile and are transferred to the role.   4.  Decide whether all of the proposed characteristic types (navigation attributes, referencing characteristics with hierarchies and referencing navigation attributes) are to be transferred. The proposals are created based on the settings for the compatibility modes.    

5.  Start the migration (F8) and complete the user selection as necessary until the system recognizes it as being complete.   Few key checklist before start of migration,
  • Need to check that all info objects are authorization relevant for which authorization objects had been maintained.
  • Also need to make sure that info object should be authorization relevant if it is used into authorization objects like 0TCAACTVT, 0TCAIPROV, 0TCAKYFNM, 0TCAVALID, 0TCTIOBJNM, 0TCTQUERID

Please Note if you have run this program and you found that there is some problem you can "Undo Migration" using the program and re-run the program.

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