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The SAP Cloud Platform Strategy team suggested we post here as a way to reach the Fiori developer community. While working on a joint R&D initiative with SAP to build an online version of ERPsim for S/4HANA, a business simulation that allows participants to learn S/4 while competing in real-time against other players, we quickly realized that existing online documentation tools did not meet the requirements of our users, most of them seeing SAP for the first time, while having to figure out how to collaborate as a team across enterprise wide processes... All with no training.

The Baton technical team, who has been working with Fiori and Cloud Platform since 2015-16, decided to build its own user enablement tool to provide transactional and real-time process guidance to our users. Because we were also collaborating with Marcus Danei and Beatrice Pasch, managers of the SAP Translation Hub, we also decided to integrate their SCP service to provide on the fly translation of any Fiori or SAPUI5 object in real time, including analytics.

While demoing prototypes of the new online version, we would get reactions like "the game is cool, but where did you get the help technology? Can it be bought also?" So, with the support of the SCP extensions team, we decided to make our solution, called Digital Adoption Solution, or "DAS" , available as an app on the SAP App Center.

As a certified  "Built on SAP Cloud Platform" solution, DAS  can be connected to any Fiori or SAPUI5 launchpad, on-premise or cloud. There is no software to install, and it connects and deploys in minutes and allows app developers or user documentation specialists to add customizable online help in minutes, with practically no training. It also supports screen sharing, process/Iot maps and translation, while being fully compliant with SSO. The help can even be automatically triggered by system-state events ("you will be out of inventory in one day, would you like to learn how to reorder?"). An important feature for new or untrained users.

A free trial of DAS  is available on the SAP App Center to allow the developer community to play with it. We are also making available a demo environment on a live S/4HANA system for SAP employees, with the support of the SCP Strategy team.!overview

This innovation was made possible in part through funding from Industry Canada, through its participation in the European Community Eureka!  R&D program, and with support from SAP  in making available technology platforms and access to experts.

Guy Couillard

Baton Simulations

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