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We have found the new auditing feature in SAP Design Studio 1.3 to be extremely useful. As of version 1.3, SAP Design Studio logs events to the audit database. This helps us track SAP Design Studio events and extract critical information like event duration, event status, cube connections etc.

In a Business Objects Server, auditing is used to track the progress, status and duration of system events like authentication update, scheduled refresh of reports and logon / logoff of users. Auditing serves as an administrator’s swiss army knife to track and manage events and issues in the system.

SAP Design Studio 1.3 logs just a handful of events to the audit data base, however they are very informative in tracking application performance and refresh times. In order to use this feature, necessary configurations need to be done on the BI platform. Please refer to the Business Objects Administrator’s Guide for detailed information on audit DB configuration.

Once the Audit DB is configured, we can deploy the Audit Universe on top of it and track events through it. Audit universe and sample reports can be downloaded from the following URL -

Steps to enable events

Step 1:

Logon to the CMC with a user account that has access to ‘Auditing Application’ and select ‘Auditing’ located under ‘Manage’ category.

CMC Auditing Application

Step 2:

Specify the Audit DB details in ‘ADS Database’ and select the details that need to be logged with an event in ‘Set Event Details’.

Step 3:

Select the list of events that need to be logged in the Audit DB. Setting it to ‘Custom’ will provide the option to select events. Other predefined values will enable selective events based on the template.

Step 4:

Once the above configurations are done, restart the APS server hosting the ‘Auditing’ service.

Step 5:

Download the auditing universe from the above mentioned URL and upload it to the BI platform. Once this is done, we can track SAP Design Studio events.

Auditing SAP Design Studio Events

Once the audit universe is configured, we can use WebI or Crystal Reports to create reports on event data.

Step 1:

Launch WEBI and select “Auditing Universe” as data source.

Step 2:

SAP Design Studio events are logged with object type ‘Analysis Application’. Select the information needed for the report and add filter to restrict information related to SAP Design Studio.

Step 3:

On executing the above, we get the following result set.

Similarly, we can view the applications that were accessed by ‘BI Mobile’ by restricting the ‘Client Application Type’.

To find statistics about connections, restrict the event type to ‘Cube Connection’.

These reports will help the administrators and developers to get critical performance information of Analysis Applications on the BI platform. However, these events are restricted only to the platform and do not include events generated by users at design time through client tool.

Happy Learning !

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