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Brief discussion on pre requisites for configuring universes for Crystal Reports for Enterprise and some common error messages observed when one of those is missing

Recommendations while configuring the Audit universes (unx):

From SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 onwards you can create universe in two forms:

  1. Using Universe Design Tool (unv files)
  2. Information Design Tool (unx files)

Crystal Reports for Enterprise supports only .unx files.

The first step would always be to verify the Secured connection in IDT. It requires 32 bit drivers to create a secured connection in it.

Point to note
: Always use .cns connection to create a data foundation.Once the connection is published to repository it prompts to create a copy of the secured connection which is ".cns"

This is the secured connection copy of the Data Connection stored in the repository.If you create a connection using “.cnx” connection then while publishing the universe to repository it will throw the following error message.

Error” A non-secured connection was found in this business layer” DSN for ODBC:

If using ODBC as a medium to create a connection then

  • Same version of ODBC drivers should be installed on client and server box.
  • Configure same name DSN on your Server and Client box.

If anyone of the above is missing then one might receive multiple error messages as follows:

  • Error “The Datasource is invalid”
  • Error “Query script generation failed Error”

Import the correct universe:

Make sure that the universe which is deployed for Auditing does belong to the CMS Database that you have.

For Example: For SQL Server and Oracle there are two different unx files present.

Now you may also test the query from IDT to verify if its fetching the data or not.

Capture Logs:

If still the unx file fails in Crystal Reports for Enterprise then;

Capture the default logs for Crystal Reports for Enterprise from the following location:

\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Business Objects\Crystal Reports for Enterprise XI.0\workspace\.metadata\.log

At times it’s observed that restarting the BO Services does help!

So you may have to restart the Servers

Connection Server 32 bit and then SIA (Server Intelligence Agent)

If basic configuration is in place then we can avoid loads of issues!!!

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