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Are you considering an investment in SAP HANA?

Have you pulled the trigger on a purchase of SAP HANA, yet not implemented yet?

Or have you already started implementation of SAP HANA?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above, read on.

This week at SAP's TechEd Las Vegas, my colleague, Mike Hansen (, is on-site to share valuable information on the ways that SAP's ALM products can help you optimize your investment in SAP HANA.

As you know, ALM products are designed to help you streamline and manage your overall IT structure - from applications to hardware, from design all the way through deployment and upgrade. These products help you take the headache out of the daily business of managing your IT so that you can minimize risk and spur innovation.

Your investment in SAP HANA will be one of the most significant investments in the innovation of your IT landscape. For that reason, it makes sense to take a look at ALM products that can smooth and streamline the implementation process with thorough testing, automate formerly manual processes, and keep SAP HANA and all of the applications running off of it in tip top shape.

If you are at TechEd Las Vegas this week, be sure to find Mike Hansen. He is our resident guru on all things ALM as they relate to SAP HANA, and he can give you the complete story on which ALM products are right for your needs.

I'm also happy to connect you directly to him. Try his email address above - he is responsive and even if you don't have a chance to connect with him in Las Vegas, surely we can arrange a conversation with him.

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