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We were busy with a C4C (Cloud for Customer) project and one requirement that we had was that we had to send equipment to C4C. We are using SAP PO as the middleware to send through the equipment. C4C comes with SAP standard objects mapping etc. So it was easy to just implement and send through the data. The interface is from IDoc(ECC) to SOAP(C4C). But we had a problem when updating C4C, but it was sending back the error. We were not doing anything with the response because IDoc can only be asynchronous. But luckily for us the SOAP(C4C) equipment web service is synchronous. So this blog will tell you how we handled the problem of going from an asynchronous interface to an synchronous interface and back to asynchronous.

We decided to go with the following strategy. Sending out the IDoc to the Sync web service and then back into ECC using Proxy.

IDOC(Async) -> SOAP(Sync) -> Proxy(Async)

Im not going to go through how the basics are created. Will only explain the part how to create a async/sync brige between the 2 interface.


You will need to create 2 independent interfaces. The one I am using is the one discussed in the introduction.

First interface will be IDoc - SOAP. In the SOAP receiver adapter you will configure the adapter module specified down below.

Second interface will be from SOAP - Proxy. This interface will be triggered by the first interface.

SOAP Adapter Module:

Adapter Module : Processing Sequence

Module NameTypeModule Key
AF_Modules/RequestResponseBeanLocal Enterprise Beanrequest
AF_Modules/ResponseOnewayBeanLocal Enterprise Beanresponse

Adapter Module : Module Configuration

Module KeyTypeModule Key
requestpassThrough           true                                      
response                    interface<interface_name_for_second_interface>
response                        interfaceNamespace<interfacenamespace_for_second_interface>
response                        replaceInterfacetrue

Please see the message log down below.

Configuration of First Interface - Step by Step

1. Sender Comm Channel

Second Interface - Step by Step

Let me know if you would like me to add any additional information that I might have missed.


Jannus Botha

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