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Today we had a "deep dive" previewing ASUG Annual Conference with ASUG Volunteer Joyce Butler and SAP's Ina Felsheim.  Joyce said it was "her favorite time of the year".  It is her 10th ASUG Annual Conference that she has been attending.


Source: ASUG

It was a 30 minute webcast and you can listen to the replay here.

Slides are posted here (requires logon)

The slides have all the hyperlinks

Source: ASUG

Joyce Butler, ASUG Volunteer, suggested downloading the conference mobile app and following the community on twitter.  Joyce says "we want to hear from you".

Source: ASUG

Who are we?  This shows a few people involved with the community.  She said:
"A number of us will be there – please stop us to say hi - we love to share regarding our BI Community. We have a variety of backgrounds, companies, and processes. One of our common characteristics is a passion for BI and how to use SAP BI to bring a differential benefit/advantage to our companies.

The link is to a brochure which summarizes our BI community sessions"

Source: ASUG

Monday, May 15th is ASUG pre-conference day.  Joyce is involved with the SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0 & BusinessObjects Cloud pre-conference. Find out more here.  She hopes to see you there.


Source: ASUG

Joyce also reviewed the above grid, which contains links to sessions, and contains a variety of content, color-coded to help you find the right content.

We have content grouped generally as HANA (red), Big Data (blue), BW (green), and BI (pink).

We will be in rooms S for South Concourse closest to the Hilton – S310 A – D, with exception of the BW/4HANA Roadmap session and the World Premiere of SAP BusinessObjects Lumira session, which will be in S210CD.

Session catalog for ASUG BI is here.

Source: ASUG (part 1)

Here is another session schedule, showing the speaker names

Source: ASUG (part 2)

Here is page 2 of the session schedule, available in PDF

Joyce said there is a lot of great content by customers and then helps you see who is presenting.



Source: SAP/ASUG

For those who are new to this event, it is split into 2 sections; ASUG Education and the showfloor including Demo theatre.  Ina is covering show floor.  All are in the agenda.

Message from SAP - run simple, help stay ahead (innovate), embedding analytics inside application to act.

Source: SAP/ASUG


Ina said Mala Anand is the Global President of Analytics and she'll talk strategy and customer stories on Tuesday morning.  SAP Select - you should be invited by your account representative.

Mike Flannagan reports to Mala and is in charge of product management and has a Thursday session

Demo stations, theater session, smaller theater sessions on the show floor and larger session (campus), and interactive sessions with Q&A

"no excuse to be bored in Orlando" said Ina.

Source: SAP/ASUG

Slide above shows where Analytics is on the show floor, south side.

There will be a product support area to bring your incidents

Source: SAP/ASUG

There will be displays on the show floor - the above is the Analytics show case, portable units, showing machine learning, how you can bring machine learning and predictive, IoT into your analytics

Source: SAP/ASUG

There will be a Digital Boardroom with large screens you can interact with

You will also see it in the Microsoft booth

Source: SAP/ASUG

Tuesday evening is the Leonardo Smart Bar, a great opportunity to network.  "Algorithmic bartenders" - find out what that means.

Wednesday is analytics breakfast; contact your SAP Account Rep if you are interested.


Q: Last year I couldn't get in to roadmap sessions - how do I get in this year?

A: working to make sure to have adequate space - BW/4HANA roadmap will be in S210CD

Tips from Ina and Joyce

  1. Wear comfortable shoes; you will be walking

  2. So many things to talk about; look at supply chain, transportation

  3. Last year, you could register at the airport while you wait for your bags

  4. Download the mobile app for last minute room changes, evaluate your sessions

  5. Joyce said to layer; it can be chilly in the rooms; one attendee said to "prepare for arctic rooms"; Joyce agrees.

  6. Ina said to use a rolling bag; water bottles on the show floor

  7. Food - you can go to the show floor; usually on the 3rd floor will have meals too


See you there in 10 days.
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