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Last Monday, October 19th, after several months of planning, promoting and marketing, ASUG SAP TechEd pre-conference sessions were held.  I attended SAP Design Studio Deep Dive.  This was a hands-on session with SAP Mentor ihilgefort

I am also writing this as the second part of Catch a Mentor and Know a Mentor Missions "knowing a Mentor", in this case, Ingo Hilgefort.

Much to my surprise, the session was sold-out.  Most attendees were new to Design Studio.  For the first time that I can recall in a hands-on session, attendees were able to connect their Design Studio application using SAP BusinessObjects Mobile application - both using iOS and Android.  Usually the ports are closed at SAP TechEd sessions.

Using AWS instances, 60 people, 30 laptops, 30+ AWS instances, attendees created applications using SAP Design Studio.  The hardest part about connecting to Mobile BI was entering the CMS name.

Below is a subset of the exercises:

Configuring your mobile device

Exercise 1: Create your first SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio Dashboard

Exercise 2: Using a crosstab and chart

Exercise 3: Using a Pagebook

Exercise 4: Using a Grid Layout and ListBox

Exercise 5: Using scripting to add interactivity

Exercise 6: Creating a KPI dashboard

Exercise 7: Using Online Composition

Exercise 8: Enhancing the Online Composition Application

Exercise 9: Using Geo Map Component – Shape Layer

Exercise 10: Using the Backend Connection Component

Exercise 11: Background Processing

The materials were all new, created by Ingo himself.  This was unique content that could not be obtained during the conference.

Photo by SAP TechEd Photographer

From 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Ingo shared his knowledge about SAP Design Studio, as shown above.

Photo by SAP TechEd Photographer

Carlos Suarez, IBM, pictured left in the above, asked questions during this hands-on session.

Photo by SAP TechEd Photographer

Attendees had plenty of time to complete exercises.  Even though they were scheduled for a one hour lunch, they returned after 45 minutes.

Pictured above are Ingo and his class assistants:

Left to right:

Bhupinder Singh Chadha, Puneet Arora, me, Ingo, Shankar Narayanan S G S

In speaking with graham.robinson this week, a SAP Mentor influences the community but is also one who shares his/her knowledge; this is something Ingo did tirelessly during this session. 

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