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Source: SAP

You can watch the replay here

If you are interested in joining you can take the survey here

More upcoming webcasts:

February 13 BI: What's New: Data Wrangling and Modeling in SAP Analytics Cloud

February 14 BI: Empowering Business Users with Analytics On The Go

February 19 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for BW Customers

February 21 BI: What's new in SAP BI4.2 SP7

February 26 BI: Enabling SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BusinessObjects BI customers

February 28: #askSAP Call: SAP Analytics 2019 Strategy and Roadmap


ASUG BI Webcast Recording/Slides Reference List for 2019


This council aims to influence the future roadmap of all the SAP Mobile Analytics applications - SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile, SAP BusinessObjects Mobile BI, SAP RoamBI. By providing feedback, identifying and discussing pain points, and brainstorming ideas to improve the applications.

The council’s objectives:

• Provide honest feedback not just on what you like and don’t like, but how to make the overall SAP Mobile Analytics better.

• Influence the future: how do we make SAC Mobile, or RoamBI or MoBI better for IT and business users?

Participant profile

• Considers either SAC Mobile, RoamBI or MoBI a strategic component of their landscape and business enablement

• Is involved in the use, administration, or strategic management of SAP Mobile Analytics

Business Users, Business Analysts, Report Developer, IT Admins

Android and iOS deployments

Source: SAP

Anything in the future is subject to change

Source: SAP

The 3 SAP Mobile BI/Analytics products today include "Mobi", the mobile app for SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Roambi

Source: SAP

The SAP BusinessObjects Mobile application SDK provides you with the following capabilities:

1. Ability to customize the application using a metadata-driven approach: In this approach, you can control the application's visual features, behavior and functionality using the values of features specified in the .plist files in the Xcode project.

2. Ability to extend the application's capabilities by writing code using the classes provided within the application SDK in Xcode environment.

3. Ability to embed Web Intelligence reports and Dashboards in the mobile applications that you have developed.

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

SAP Analytics Cloud has a responsive layout: content adjusts itself to device screen with eevice preview;

It is intuitive has known touch gestures: tap, swipe etc.; logging in with touch ID

Every story can be made available on mobile using a responsive design while design time.

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

There will be two separate apps focusing on the two different use cases; for SAC mobile app users, there is no difference

For Roambi users: possible to use SAC as model repository and consume data from SAC in a Roambi view using the roambi app.

Source: SAP

This is a demo showing as an SAP Analytics Cloud customer, deploying RoamBI content to a mobile device

As an analytics cloud have will this capability

It supports any number of comparisons

It downloads to the device; offline, interact with the application

Source: SAP

This is a combined slide of SAC mobile and "SAC" Roambi

SAP Roambi standard product is on a maintenance track

SAC mobile - themes crossing solutions

Enterprise readiness is important; deploy at scale with right amount of security

Dates are in synch with the new quarterly release cycle

Q2/2019 - compatible with Airwatch SDK; deploy client side certificates to end users

Adding localization to the client

Future - working on improving BW live performance

Working on parity with desktop where possible

Q2 2019 working on geo spatial support

Search to insight and annotations planned

SAC mobile - view content across all devices

Future direction includes Android support, geo-spatial, content discovery

Future includes planning in the tablet form factor

Roambi - bringing templates to SAC

Today have a controlled release, with only 1 of the 5 templates available

Q2 GA will support only iOS (SAC RoamBI) with the templates

Source: SAP

Working on what customers are asking for; updating the application for iOS and Android

Support for Lumira PDF planned in 2019

Support for WebI interactive viewer is planned

Question & Answer

Q: Will SAC Mobile also support on premise BI Platform content? Prefer to avoid 2 apps.

A: no plans...however, SAC is one cloud application which can access cloud or on-premise

Q: Android support for Mobi was extremely frustrating. Why is Android support so far out? We have more Android devices than IOS.

A: enterprise customers mostly used iOS

Q: how to sign up to influence council

A: You can sign up to apply for the Influence Council here:

ASUG Influence Councils

ASUG Influence Councils are a key benefit of ASUG membership. Influence Councils are interactive forums where members can communicate ideas and concerns about product plans and SAP services directly to SAP development and product managers. The products may be in their infancy stage or be well-established products. Input shared in influence councils impact FUTURE versions of the products. (source: ASUG)

If you are interested in joining this ASUG Influence Council you can take the survey here
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