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The ASUG Portal Influence Council, re-launched in 2009, brings together members of the ASUG Portals Community to share information, ideas, and best practices regarding the SAP NetWeaver Portal and related technologies.  It facilitates bi-directional communication of strategies and product improvements based on customer needs with SAP portal product management.  The scope of the council includes portal core capabilities, content management and integration, collaboration, as well as portal implementation and operations.

The first open to general audience activity at TechEd will be a session in theExpert Networking Lounge [at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday Oct 17th], as a part of Meet the Experts series where you will have a chance to start a discussion about your specific portal needs or issues.

In the educational breakout session PMC150 [at 03:15 p.m. - 04:15 p.m. on Thursday Oct 18th, ] we will review the council's progress this year, present learnings from a sample portal, and discuss your topics of interest directly with SAP portal experts and practitioners.  You can also leverage this opportunity to get a preview of recent SAP Labs development around SAP HANA portal.

Portal product team members from SAP will participate in both sessions by presenting content as well as assisting in answering questions.

When ready, there will be an opportunity for you to plug into the active influencing process managed by fellow industry experts to find answers to your current implementations questions and communicate your new technology requirements.  Following TechEd we will be seeking representative companies from across section of industries and multiple usage models who are interested and able to commit time to the council process.

Jerzy Bilchuk | Intel Corporation | ASUG Portal Influence Council Chair |

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