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We're still in the middle of the ASUG hands-on pre-conference session today before SAPPHIRENOW/ASUG Annual Conference begins officially tomorrow.

Several pre-conference sessions are going on today, below is a brief summary of BI4.1

Photo by SAP's Atul Patel

The BI4.1 hands-on workshop was lead by sap.mentor ingo.hilgefort who provided an overview of data connectivity.  He explained that SAP's newly-named SAP Lumira does not support native BW connections.  The new name for Crystal Reports 2011 in BI4.1 is Crystal Reports 2013.

Here is another picture of a BI4.1 enhancement for Crystal for Enterprise

The above shows that the variable screen is displayed before the query panel when using Crystal Reports for Enterprise against BW.

The above shows you can use Crystal Reports for free when using it against ERP/ECC (you must be on enhancement package 5 or higher).

Then the exercises started.

Some Question & Answer:

Q: Design Studio - how do I download?

A: Two separate downloads - server add-on and client

You have to check licenses - if you are licensed for Dashboards/XCelsius you should be able to access Design Studio

Also check

Q: Where can I use Analysis Views?

A: On the BI Platform

Q: Can I install Explorer on BW on Hana?

A: There is a list of approved hardware to install this

Q: Can I connect Analysis Office to ECC?

A: Yes, using transient providers (enhancement pack 5)

Q: Without Hana, can I use Explorer against a BEx Query?

A: You can build a universe with Explorer

Some of the other exercises included creating BW Workspaces, importing BW Cube into Hana and then used BI4.1 Explorer against that model in Hana

The day is not over yet :smile:

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