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Having served on the ASUG TechEd && d-code Volunteer Design Team (Las Vegas only) with fellow ASUG Volunteers gretchen.lindquist and Kristen Dennis, I am excited to feature these ASUG customer-lead sessions at SAP TechEd && d-code

First up, EA214 Customize BusinessObjects Design Studio for the Enterprise, presented by Greg Sprowles of Kindred Care.  Greg will explain what Design Studio is and what it is not.  His slides also promise “code samples”.  He covers the limitations of Design Studio and a chart comparing Design Studio with BEx Web Application Designer.

Figure 1: Source: Greg Sprowles, Kindred Care/ASUG SAP TechEd/d-code

Figure 1 is a slide from Greg's presentation.  He will provide all the necessary details next week.

Next customer-lead Design Studio session is EA211 SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio SDK by mike.howles4 of International Paper.  He is a new SAP Mentor and former SCN Member of the month Mike Howles - SCN Member of the Month August 2014

Figure 2: Source: Mike Howles, International Paper, ASUG  SAP TechEd

Mike covers both the technical and non-technical skills needed to use the Design Studio SDK.  He covers why you would want to use it, what is hard about it, and explains all the terms we’ve seen in the discussion forum here – what are the necessary items to develop an SDK?  He is a known expert here on SCN. This session is not to be missed.

Figure 3: Source: Joyce Butler, ASUG / SAP TechEd

This  ASUG Design Studio session is an important session, EA210 ASUG Design Studio Influence Council. Influence Councils are a unique opportunity for ASUG members.  This session will be covered capably by ASUG Volunteer joyce.butler3 and SAP’s jie.deng. This council has been very a very active voice with SAP.  If you are interested in possibly joining the Council I encourage you to attend this session.


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