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This year, while compiling the ASUG Business Intelligence 2015 webcast statistics, I started reading Storytelling with Data: A Data Visualization Guide for Business Professionals by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic.  So I started analyzing the data by following Chapter 2 in the book.

First up, if you have a number to share, the author suggests simple text may be best:

Last year the ASUG BI Community held 84 webcasts, compared to 75 in 2014.  In 2016, I expect the number to be lower, as the Data Management SIG (Special Interest Group) moved to become a part of the Enterprise Information Management Community at ASUG.

In 2015 ASUG BI had 884 increase over 2014.  In 2016 this number will go down due to the loss of the Data Management SIG

In the book, the author recommends a "heat map" way of showing data over table like date.  The above shows registration by Special Interest Group.

In the book, the author says scatterplots show a relationship between two different measures.  The above is a bubble chart, showing the relationship between number of webcasts (x-axis) and number of registrants (Y-axis)

The Analytics SIG had 5,825 registrants and 28 webcasts.  At the low end, the overall BI community had 2 webcasts.

Line charts can be used for showing continuous data.  You can see there was a high number of registrants in the 2nd quarter, leading up to ASUG Annual Conference and SAPPHIRENOW in May.  January is typically low as ASUG had holiday blackout dates, and ASUG volunteers attend the annual volunteer meeting in January.

September and October are low due to two events - ASUG SAP Analytics Conference was in September and the SAP TechEd Las Vegas was in October.  We do not schedule webcasts during these event dates.  December is low as we are now in a blackout period (no webcasts) for the holidays.

The reference line shows 1,468 average monthly webcast registration.

Stacked graphs should be made easy to read, the author says.  I included the above to show this year we tried to add more "installation" (customer) speakers.  Our survey results from last year and this year show that ASUG members want more customer stories.

Thanks to ASUG's danny.pancratz for providing the statistics, ASUG's Shannon Carter for work and support of these webcasts, ASUG volunteers for moderating and promoting these webcasts.  Finally thanks to our SAP ASUG point of contact ina.mutschelknaus for her work oand ASUG Volunteer market leader ihilgefort for po

Starting in 2016, sixteen ASUG BI webcasts have been scheduled, many of them customer stories.

Back to the book..."pie charts are evil", "no 3-D charts" and "no donut charts".  I am still reading.

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