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Today started with SCN space moderation, as each day this week has. It seems as if a few regular Moderators are attending this event, or somehow not doing their usual diligence, leaving more content to be reviewed. Not a huge deal, though I hope levels drop off next week, and this isn't some global outbreak of gamification fever. I found a blog that looked suspiciously well written, though with what seemed to be minor edits from the original source I found, with only minor effort on Google.

Then, a visit to the Microsoft booth for a long sit down with a long-time acquaintance Jurgen Thomas, about the moving parts of newer systems, including BusinessObjects, databases, file shares, data protection and recovery. We parted with a similar refrain: avoiding disasters takes practice, practice, practice.

After that, another chat with jeremiah.stone and tom.raftery. I promised Jeremiah I'd do a thoughtful piece on yet another SAP web site - I've struggled with how that fits into SAP's sustainability and community efforts, and need more time to dive into the site before commenting further.  I didn't track Jeremiah down in the pod/booth area; there was just too much happening again this year.

A new 3 letter acronym (for me) this year - MDG.  I've heard of MDM a lot, and we have an ASUG Data Governance SIG (special interest group), but I didn't know there was (if there is) a product or service called Master Data Governance.  Maybe someone in the ad department thought "management" was not cool enough and decided "governance" was a better word. Curious.

The other "new thing" was SAP Glass, which I did not see in any demos, but heard it had potential.  Reports of Google Glass are the same way; I would not be surprised if both go the way of Google Wave.

Session - Mobile or Immobile

This session ended up being a good overview, in a project management sense, of how to approach mobile development. It would not cut it in a TechEd setting, but the speaker had both good experience and a good speaking manner to communicate the ways and means of mobile.  A few takeaways:

  • A good example for the dilemma of BYOD (bring your own device) - user watches an "R" rated movie on a plane using their own phone.  But what happens when device is plugged into the corporate network?
  • Have an in-house organization with a mobile architect or steering committee.  Sounds good; I wonder how many ways this is being done
  • The universal work list on portal, now web-enabled. susan.keohan - what does this mean?
  • HTML5 is "a little bit immature".  Meaning, don't expect every browser to work right, nor every device to act the same.
  • Phonegap is a method/solution of connecting specific devices such as camera or accelerometer into an app.  There's more to it than that; I'm simplifying.

Four connect methods were delineated:

  • VPN - simple, end-user cumbersome
  • firewall/DMZ - cache or not
  • internal wireless - low value (could swamp WAPs)
  • clue/SAP MaaS - secure, but internal?

Session - Going Beyond SAP ITS Mobile Apps to a Responsive Design Mobile Apps

The last session of the last day was on SAP ITS, which while very mature, is not buried quite yet.  The speaker asked who had heard of "Responsive web designs".  A few had, of the few that stuck it out until the very end.  I found this link, which could help n00bs like me: .  The gist for ITS Mobile is a standard process for creating pages that work on different form factors.

Here's what I replicated to build a google query trend view of this and related terms, as shown on slide 7:


Will a developer be able to do this right from the presentation?


As long as the device supports HTML5

Alas, no photo from the last session.  But there are shots from the session after that - the SAP Mentor wrap up, which was set to start at 5:30. The show floor was advertised as open until 6PM, but I had to convince security there was still business to be done there, and dodge deconstruction crews on the way in.  Those Mentors (and a special guest) got advance information on a development only seen by seven people so far ( chip.rodgers is #7.  Not 007, just 7).


Call for speakers for SAP TechEd.  Link to follow, once I find it.  ASUG members only!


In years past, I'd add people's names I met to the blog posts on conferences, partly to remember them, and partly to keep the networking going.  These days, cards are used less and less, as we find each other via Twitter, LinkedIn, or even Facebook. This time, I collected a few, and their names follow, including where possible their SCN hooks. Some of these I found on the show floor, though.


Hyungmuck(Josh) KangDoosan
Jim Dilley IBM
Hari GuleriaHP
Dennis JosephQMS


Paul LoosOracle
Dirk KempfSAP
Marcie HiteFujitsu America
John RabitoSuSE


Tom TurchioeCritigen
jayakumar.pedapudiNTT Data


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