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  • You have assigned the business partner role (BP role) Employeeto the BP and maintained any data relevant for this BP role.





As a minimum, you need to enter the country or region in which this business partner resides.


You use this procedure to assign employees to organizational units in Transportation Management (TM).


  1. Access the organizational model on the FIORI search app by entering PPOME(Change Organization and Staffing) in the command field.

  2. Select an organizational unit and choose the Create





  1. Choose Incorporates Positionand enter a name and a description in the Position input field.



  1. In the context menu of the employee symbol, choose Assign.

The Choose Relationship screen appears.



  1. Choose Holder Central Personand enter the name of the business partner that you want to assign to the position in the search dialog.





You have assigned an employee to an organizational unit by assigning a business partner with the role Employee to the organizational unit.

The system establishes a correlation between the master data objects Organizational Unit and Business Partner.


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