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Last week SAP held its quarterly #askSAP call focusing on BI core solutions.  See #askSAP Innovation in Core BI Solutions Call Notes | SCN for a recap.

Below is a quick analysis of what happened on social media, looking at a 7 day time period of the #askSAP tag.

Figure 1

Figure 1 is looking at the location of the person tweeting.  So it is mixed - could be a continent (North America), country (South Africa), state (Virginia), or city (Chicago).  It is not consistent, but not surprising that North America would have the most "tweeters".  In the time period selected, I found 159 unique twitter ID's using the #askSAP tag.

From South Africa I saw louis.degouveia2 tweet along with zimkhita.buwa

Figure 2

Time zone of tweets is interesting, as it varies.  Again it is not surprising that Pacific time has the top counts, given the SAP Analytics twitter account is based there.

Figure 3

Figure 3 shows who was tweeting the most with the tag.

Figure 4

Since the webcast was on June 28th, it is not surprising that most of the tweets were on that day.

Figure 5

Source of the most tweets - usually at events, it's the iPhone, but since this was a webcast, the twitter for web client had the most tweets.  Twitter for Android was number 2.

Figure 6

Figure 6 shows rudimentary text analysis of the tweets, with most tweets about the topic and a few about the products

Figure 7

Figure 7 shows mentions of twitter ID's in the tweets.  Many of the speakers are mentioned but also attendees like l.d of South Africa

Figure 9

Figure 9 shows a word cloud of tweets by topic.

The most retweeted tweet, at 23, was this one:

The most favorited tweet at 13 favorites was this:

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