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Source: SAP

This is part of the SAP quarterly call series, held today

Nic Smith, SAP, said they have received questions based on some announcements from last week.

Source: SAP

Legal disclaimer applies that future items are subject to change

Source: SAP

jayne.landry will cover strategy

blair.wheadon covers SAP Lumira and roadmap

adrian.westmoreland will cover hybrid strategy

Source: SAP

Digital is changing the way, analytics remains top CIO priority to drive insights

SAP is investing in digital transformation

Source: SAP

Above shows "One platform for all analytics" with laser focus on hybrid, allowing you to embed analytics in your application

Provide intelligence including machine learning, and bringing into analytics processes
There are five areas of focus for the SAP Analytics product strategy:
All analytics on one cloud-based platform
One common & simple user experience
Hybrid (laser focus)
Embedded in apps
Deeper & more meaningful logic & context-driven insights - Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Embed analytics into the business processes - hybris, Ariba, SF, S/4HANA
SAP provides analytics that are designed for apps across the entire business network from sales & marketing to supply chain, HR, and Finance - Source: SAP

Source: SAP

BI, planning, predictive to grow and run the business

BW/4HANA = redeveloped for modern data warehouse

SAP Analytics Cloud bringing BI, predictive and planning together on SAP Cloud Platform

Digital Boardroom from shop floor to the top floor; call center operations, 360 view

In 2017 SAP launched Analytics Hub; a key part of hybrid strategy

Source: SAP

SAP said they heard "too many tools" years ago; been on a journey to simplify portfolio; enable you to deliver use cases today
Simplification & convergence plan: 1) converge uses cases not features/functions 2) BI 4.x content will continue to work & be maintained 3) no forced migration - Source: SAP

Source: SAP

SAP Analytics has "lowest cost of ownership"
Key findings from Forrester study on ROI of SAP Analytics- Source: SAP

In between speakers, Nic took questions.

Q: BI on Demand, Lumira Cloud - how is it different this time with Analytics Cloud?

A: Before taken on premise solution to cloud; helpful but not transformative

Now power of BI, planning and predictive


Source: SAP

Drill down into Data Discovery use case - Analytics Cloud and Lumira Discovery

SAP Analytics Cloud is becoming a default solution for cloud solutions

Connects to on-premise data

Strong focus on a single solution will benefit

Adjusting Lumira roadmap to focus on quality, performance; ratchet back innovation on Lumira Discovery

Focus on hybrid use cases

Hybrid solution to bring together best of cloud and on-premise software
"We take a use-case approach to all of our portfolio decisions." Source: SAP

In the second half of year SAP plans to have a hybrid license for BusinessObjects Enterprise and SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP
Lumira Designer remains SAP’s primary solution for app design w/ continued innovation & investment; simultaneously adding application design use case to the SAP Analytics Cloud roadmap 1H 2018  - Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Hybrid license roadmap is shown above

Source: SAP

Explorer use case covered by SAP Analytics Cloud and will add full text search to SAC in Q2

RoamBI team in San Diego is building SAP Analytics Cloud mobile app

Q: Will there still be innovations with Web Intelligence?

A: On premise is not going into maintenance mode.  Strategy is hybrid.  BI4.2 SP6 will drop in middle of year, SP7 end of year.  Will have important innovations; strong roadmap for Web Intelligence, including a native time dimension; enhanced universe query connector for SAP Analytics Cloud; Full bi directional interop between SAC and Web Intelligence


Source: SAP

We have mixed landscapes now
We're moving into a world where we see the path forward is hybrid - Source: SAP

Source: SAP
There are a number of areas that we're focusing on to allow you to run a true hybrid approach - SAP

Analytics Hub is a key component going forward for hybrid strategy; single view of all analytics applications; it is an agnostic front end

Hybrid is holistic; embrace not just technology but licensing as well; a single, seamless license going forward

SAP Analytics Cloud will have natural language generation, Smart BI

Source: SAP

"Seamless experience" with SAP Analytics Hub

Source: SAP

"Leave data on premise" with SAP Analytics Cloud - BusinessObjects BI + SAP Analytics Cloud "better together"
SAP’s vision & strategy for analytics is a seamless experience so users don’t have to think about where data or content resides- SAP

Source: SAP

App building is planned for SAP Analytics Cloud - more scripting capabilities

Source: SAP
What a hybrid landscape will look like going forward - SAP

Source: SAP

Analytics Hub acts as a pointer to content

Not the same as Data Hub - timo.elliott said on twitter:
Both Data Hub and Analytics Hub enable data access across different sources but at very different levels.  Data Hub is about deep data orchestration (e.g. Hadoop & ERP), Analytics Hub is about easy portal access to multiple reports, analyses, etc.

Question & Answer

Q: Do we need to replicate all data to analytics cloud or can Analytics cloud just read data from on-prem sources?

A: With SAP Analytics Cloud you can connect to data live in HANA, BW/4HANA, S4HANA or in BusinessObjects Universes without replicating it to the cloud.

Q: If i have Analytics on Cloud, do I need SAP Predictive Analytics?

A: There are some predictive capabilities in Analytics Cloud today, focused on the needs of business user. Today SAP Predictive Analytics compliments these capabilities and we planning to build out integration and the sophisticated capabilities of Predictive Analytics into Analytics Cloud over time.

Q: Will Lumira Designer continue to work with SAP data sources only or is it expected to open up and enable it to work with non-sap data sources?

A: Lumira Designer is not restricted to SAP data sources - there are connectors available today for non-SAP data and in addition you can use the data prep room in Lumira discovery that provides odata, jdbc connectors etc to do your data prep, wrangle, mash and merge data across multiple sources and then bring the data set into Designer.

Q: How can I use my existing BI content with Analytics Cloud?

A: Use Analytics Hub as a unifying way; leave where they are and use Analytics Hub as the over arching view to access content going forward; Hub is the single view

Q: Does this mean that concurrent based license will be available on SAP Analytics Cloud?

A: released this in December 2017; will be used for hybrid license model (planned)

Q: In Analytics Hub can you connect to your 3rd party applications?

A: Can connect to any content - 3rd party or SAP; also supports Single-sign-on

Q: What is the roadmap for embedded analytics, for S/4HANA?

A: Plans to leverage SAP Analytics Cloud with S/4HANA and SAP will look at providing a publicly available roadmap

Q: What options do we have in terms of Blockchain analytics and SAP?

A: Look at Leonardo - bringing together industry business units on machine learning, blockchain - Public Sector - identity verification with taxes.  Provide trust and transparency through supply chain

Timo also said on twitter:
Short term will be data identity/trust/transparency, but potentially can help enable new business models for sharing information outside the organization / across industry, e.g. pay per use of pool info

Q: Customer has BPC, is interested in how planning models work with SAP Analytics Cloud

A: BPC cloud works with SAP Analytics Cloud - integration is bi-directional

Q: More enhancements to mobile analytics

A: Support for Android - big investment for existing SAP Analytics Cloud; supported today on iPads and iPhones

Q: Use Mobile BI with BI4.2 - what should we expect?

A: Mobile BI - continue to make incremental enhancements; majority of innovations will happen in SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile app

Q: Hybrid/on-premise - is SAP going to invest in Universes?

A: Yes, SAP Analytics Cloud sees universes as a key source; important element of hybrid strategy and live connectivity

Will add more support for scoring stored procedures in Information Design Tool

Support for custom hierarchies is planned for Web Intelligence (next year)

Focus on BI4.2 service pack releases

Q: What are application design use cases with SAP Analytics Cloud

A: publishing a new roadmap for SAP Analytics Cloud and includes a new release for applications design - more at SAPPHIRENOW; no roadmap to replace Lumira Designer with "SAC" application design

Q: Does Analytics Cloud support BEx queries?

A: Yes, it supports it in 2 ways - acquire and now support live access to BEx queries

Benefit of live access is all authorizations are enforced at query time; pay attention to prerequisites

Q: What is the strategy of data warehousing - BW/BW/4HANA

A: For analytics, BW/4HANA is the future of SAP


Upcoming BI Webcasts

BI+Analytics Conference

SAP Insider’s BI 2018 and HANA 2018

For BI+Analytics Conference next week, SAP has "limited spots left for 1-on-1 time with an SAP Expert on your topic of choice – register while spots last:

Source: SAP
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