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This was held today; these are my rough draft notes

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies; anything in the future is subject to change.

Source: SAP

This was a poll at the start of the webcast. Most are interested in hybrid or staying on-premise

Source: SAP

Blair Wheadon, SAP, spoke next about convergence

For the past few years SAP has been working to simplify the portfolio

Cases are use case driven; want to converge use cases on a smaller footprint of software with no forced migration or end of life

Existing content will continue to work; no forced migration

All BI4.x will continue to be supported.

Source: SAP

Above shows the convergence progress

Ability for end users to compose self-service dashboards

Added a scorecard control to Design Studio; valuable for XCelsius customers

Improved universe support for more data for Design Studio

End users can compose their own self-service dashboard with Design Studio

Large BEx Web Application Designer Customers have adopted Design Studio

Analysis Office is primary Office-add-in; incorporated EPM/planning, to reduce cost of ownership

No plans to converge Web Intelligence/Crystal

Source: SAP

To continue convergence strategy is Lumira 2.x.

Lumira Discovery component which is successor to current Lumira Desktop

Lumira Designer component which is successor to Design Studio

One single server side

Easy for end users to get started

Primary dashboarding / data discovery product for the future

Serve business user and IT power user

Business users can create dashboard using Lumira Discovery; when it comes time to promote that Dashboard to an enterprise dashboard, that can be opened using Lumira Designer to add scripting

It is “easy” for business users to get started with dashboards; still have power to add fine-grained scripting with Lumira Designer without complicating user experience

It works in reverse; a business user can open enterprise dashboard with Lumira Discovery to add additional data to augment enterprise dashboard

Not have to do a tool switch any more as requirements change in your project.

One single server add-on so IT admin costs are reduced

Work on improving user experience; collapse exist Lumira Visualize/Compose into a single canvas

Align with S4 design standard with Fiori user experience standard

Source: SAP

Above is a simple picture; continue 2 desktop components with same server-add-on; ability to open content discovery / designer tool

Source: SAP

By early next year will see a simple portfolio of products – 4 software clients shown in the middle of the above.  Will not impact clients on left-hand side.  Go-forward choice of client – Lumira for data discovery & apps, Analysis Office for Office Integration, Crystal & Web Intelligence for Reporting

Source: SAP

The plan is to consolidate visualize & compose room; this is based on feedback and observations of usage of the product

This is a single canvas experience, Fiori look and feel, input control

Beyond 2.0 will improve server data prep; today it is only on desktop; eliminate desktop dependency

Source: SAP

Above is a screen shot of the single canvas user experience

You can see 4 visualizations; arrange on the canvas, or zoom in individually and author them

See filters on the top

Content can be opened in Lumira Designer for more fine-grained control

Source: SAP

Above shows how to author a single chart

Source: SAP

This is the data view; similar to existing Prepare tab today

Source: SAP

“This is a technical convergence” and not a licensing convergence

Source: SAP

Rename licenses and one created

Professional edition has a mini-data warehouse

On the right is a new offering from last month – Predictive, HANA Vora

Restrictive use licenses for Predictive and HANA Vora

Source: SAP

BusinessObjects Cloud combines BI, predictive and planning into one product

Only purchase what you want

New capability announced last month was the Predictive component of BusinessObjects Cloud

Digital Boardroom has 3 large touch screens for meeting, with agenda support

Connect to data online (HANA, HANA Cloud platform) , on-premise

Source: SAP

BusinessObjects RoamBI is available only in the US; globally late this year

Cloud application optimized for mobile analytics

Combines data with 10 templates

Source: SAP

RoamBI has 10 templates, offline model, 3rd party data

Mobile BI is on-premise; mobile rendering of BusinessObjects – some offline and online

Licensing is different; RoamBI is subscription-only; Mobile BI is included in BusinessObjects Enterprise license

RoamBI – iOS, Android, Windows & Chrome

Mobile BI – iOS, Android

On-Premise Roadmap Update

Source: SAP

This is an overview of first half of year and the rest into 2017

Lumira had 2 releases in H1 2016

Mobile BI 6.4 is not GA yet; loaded to Apple Store and should be available in the next 2 weeks; offline support for Lumira

Upcoming is BI4.2 SP3 planned for this summer

Lumira 2.0 will enter ramp-up

Analysis Office 2.4 release is planned

In 2017, BI4.2 SP4 – new user experience for BI Launchpad and Web Intelligence; remove flash need in browser

Source: SAP

Continue to simplify operation of platform

Track licensing

ODBC driver for CMS for BI on BI

Extend recycle bin for personal documents

Resource management for multi-tenancy environment

Semantic Layer will support Spark, HANA Vora, set analysis

Source: SAP

New user experience planned, Fiori like Launchpad

More options for OpenDoc

Size limits for user inbox and favorites

Allow BW users to change password from BI Launchpad

Remove last bits of Flash from CMC monitoring

Source: SAP

New user experience for scheduling documents and jobs

Source: SAP

Plans for BI4.2 SP3

Remove need for Java Applet in browser; many browsers don’t support this any more

Cascading input controls – filter input controls based on another

4.2 enhancements are based on feedback; contextual comments

Use lat/long for maps

Parallel BEx queries planned

Source: SAP

Rejuvenate user experience with interactive viewer for Web Intelligence documents

Follow Fiori principles

Consistency for workflows for zooming

Complete parity for HTML client

Support ESRI based maps like Lumira

Source: SAP

Download the updated statement of direction at

Also check the SAP Cloud Appliance library for a BI4.2 trial system at Deploy your BI4.2 Trial@AWS

Final Poll is shown above - source: SAP

Question and Answer

Q: About licensing; what if we have Design Studio & Lumira Desktop, but not Lumira Server

A: You will receive Lumira Designer, Lumira Server add-on excluding data prep (see slide)

SAP will share full list of Q&A later.

Some steps to consider before you go to BI4.2 include (lessons learned):

  • Review components of your landscape – do you have third party tools and are they compatible with BI4.2?
  • Check your version Upgrade Path as newer releases have a direct upgrade/update path whereas older systems may require extra steps
  • Review Security; do you need to do some redesign?
  • Inventory your content and cleanup; remove duplicate content to avoid moving unnecessary objects to BI 4.2
  • Will you do a new install or upgrade?
  • Chance to revisit sizing your landscape
  • You can install BI4.2 on an Amazon EC2 sandbox, in the “Cloud” or try it out at the Cloud Appliance Library
  • Don’t forget your backups before you start the BI4.2 update;  be sure to back-up your system before running the Update installer
  • Check the BI 4.2 PAM for the list of supported software and components to make sure your current BI 4.x system is not on any unsupported components
  • Be sure to monitor the server disk space and memory for successful update
  • If you have add-on (such as Lumira, Analysis Office or Design Studio), make sure to include it in the update process
  • Use the free BI4 pattern books available on SCN
  • Have a full set of test scripts so you are ready to test your update or upgrade
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