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Source: SAP

Last week, SAP kicked off the first #askSAP call with the Analytics Strategy and Road map for 2019. The replay is here: #askSAP Call: SAP Analytics 2019 Strategy and Roadmap

Slides are here

Register for more upcoming webcasts below:

March 7 BI: What's New in SAP BOBJ Web Intelligence 4.2 SP07

March 26 BI: Hybrid Analytics and Analytics Hub - Latest Developments

March 27 BI: Influence of Agility and Big Data Principles to BW/4HANA Architecture

March 28 BI: Overview of Latest BI Features in SAP Cloud Analytics

April 2 BI: A Beginner’s Guide to Use SAP Analytics Cloud for Business Planning

April 3 BI: Smart Predict Update

April 4 BI: Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Story Performance in SAP Analytics Cloud

April 9 BI: Data Protection & Privacy with BW/4HANA

April 10 BI: What's New with Application Design in SAP Analytics Cloud

April 11 BI: Hybrid Planning Scenarios Built by SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning and SAP Business Planning an...

April 16 BI: What's New in Transitioning from SAP BW to SAP BW/4HANA

April 18: INFL: ASUG SAP Analytics Cloud Influence Council Launch for Data Connectivity & Agile Data Preparati...

Source: SAP

The askSAP calls were started in 2013 to offer the Analytics community a forum to learn more about SAP's plans for their analytics solutions and the latest product information, and to ask questions and give feedback to SAP. These 90 minute calls provide attendees interactive opportunities via multiple Q&A sessions, poll questions and a short survey.

Source: SAP

On the screen now is SAP’s legal disclaimer with regards to discussion and information shared about future product and features.

Source: SAP

Mo leads product management for analytics, gathering requirements and provide road map and vision

Source: SAP

Mo covered the Intelligent Enterprise Framework

Source: SAP

Strategy this year; concentrate to combine SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and on-premise

Extending SAC to include application design

Source: SAP

All inclusive strategy

If you have BPC, leverage that

If you have BW, leverage that

Analysis Office - save to SAC platform

Improve BW connectivity

This year will be the BI4.3 release

Connect to more sources

Bring SAP Analytics HUB, SAC, and BI launchpad

Access WebI documents via SAC

BW4/HANA - just released new version; use to simplify data model

Source: SAP

BW/4HANA - big data ready, simplification

Customers are using SAC against S/4HANA

Source: SAP

Ty covered the quarterly release cycle: SAP Analytics Cloud | Release Schedule | Quarterly Release | SAP

Source: SAP

New capabilities around how connect, how prepare, how model, how make it available

Simplify way to connect to data - whether on premise or cloud

Blur lines between live connectivity (data remains in source) and import connectivity (bring data to SAC)

Extend blending scenarios; recently added blending and live connections

Improve user experience of data modeling, drag and drop (middle of this year, planned)

Add ability to model live data (BEx queries, HANA views, universes)

Source: SAP

Is SAC just for SAP data? Not. Ty said "we love all data"

Added 100 data sources just a few weeks ago (those from the BI platform)

Source: SAP

Enterprise reporting is not yet in SAC (creating balance sheets, legal documents, forms, reports with formatting)

Starting to work on this year

See capabilities to schedule, attach as email, and build on to meet enterprise reporting use case

Close live and import gap (almost closed for live HANA 2.0)

Self service - make part of that consumer user - increase capability for consumer user

Make it more intuitive

Close gap between table/chart

Source: SAP

Exciting area of SAC

Conversational AI - where SAC finds answers for you in a conversational manner

Automated discovery - search my data, tell me what you find - light bulbs to provide insight for you

Smart Predict provides algorithms, R integration and provide R as a service

Source: SAP

Adding predictive scenarios to business content

In Q2, add more to search to insight - plan to add global search across all models/data sources - not have to be in a story to search

Smart Predict - connect to SQL sources

Future direction - search to insight / discovery against live connection, starting with HANA 2.0, speech to text using mobile

Source: SAP

Familiar with Lumira Designer? Build a targeted application, bringing that to SAC

Plan to be available in Q2

Authoring in SAC; organic part of SAC

For all SAC use cases - BI, predict, planning

Everyone will get it, regardless of license

Source: SAP

Have a mobile experience today, SAC Mobile

Today it is iOS for phone/table

Working on building targeted mobile documents

Offline experience for mobile application

Source: SAP

Q1 - internal deployment SDK

Working on Android support

Adding geospatial to mobile, along with annotations - planned for Q2

Future direction - embedding mobile apps in other mobile apps (part of intelligent enterprise story)


Q: Will App Design replace Lumira Designer?

A: No

Q: SAC is only compatible with Chrome; are you extending it to Edge?

A: Q1 release that came out last week added authoring and view support for Edge

Q: Is SAC able to compete with other tools?

A: Will not compete with others; different approach for SAC as it has BI predictive planning

Q: SuccessFactors and SAC integration

A: Part of Intelligent Enterprise; later Q2 start Beta program; have a connection to SF / Workforce Analytics; in Q2 start embedding SAC in SuccessFactors

Poll and responses:

Source: SAP

Adrian covered the hybrid topic

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Hybrid means mixed portfolio - tools can be deployed on premise and cloud

Source: SAP

Overview of areas covered.

Source: SAP

Licensing - how SAP can help you get the right licenses for hybrid landscapes

Source: SAP

New set of license options so you can select right size, right mix of options

WebI-only edition; pay less maintenance

Streamlining - with end of Flash based products, removing it from landscapes, and gives you opportunity to save money

Source: SAP

Cloud extension policy allows you to partially terminate maintenance and move to the cloud

Source: SAP

SAP Analytics Hub portal allows you to pull together content from multiple solution (on premise, cloud, 3rd party content)

Hub and SAC will be more aligned

Source: SAP

Live connectivity allows you to leave data on premise

Q2 - Live Universe Connectivity 2.0 will be released

Source: SAP

SAP Analysis Office - users feel comfortable in Excel and allow use of that with SAC models.

Special edition for SAP Analysis Office with SAC

Source: SAP

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 - next major release for BI platform

Continue to invest in on-premise suite

Long term commitment to BI

Extend BusinessObjects support to 2026

Source: SAP

Where we are at in the timeline

3.1 support ended last year

4.2 to 2022; still releasing SP's

4.3 to 2026

Source: SAP

Three themes of BI4.3 including hybrid

Fresher UX

Source: SAP

Continue building live universe connector - 3.0 in 4.3

Allow you to leave data on premise

Source: SAP

Consume WebI data models in SAC with BI4.3

Source: SAP

Make it easier to manage users in multiple environments

Source: SAP

Analytics Hub - that single catalog of analytics in your organization; get your BI assets and surface them in Analytics Hub


Q: Will there be a WebI only edition:

A: right side version (see slides) and rich client

Q: Migration from 4.1 to 4.3

A: Pattern books

Q: Is the enterprise data warehouse approach still valid?

A: BW/4HANA 2.0 released

If customers want to create data marts in the cloud - looking at that

Q: Where does Digital Boardroom fit in the roadmap?

A: Premium user experience; in strategy, investing - just released meeting minutes

Q: Offer a SuccessFactors app as an iFrame?

A: You can, can embed SAC stories in other applications (SAP and non-SAP)

Can embed in SuccessFactors

Q: question from twitter - is there a tool to migration from BusinessObjects to SAC?

A: No

Recommendation today is use landscapes you have and use Analytics Hub

Source: SAP

The Q2 #askSAP call scheduled for June 6 so be sure to save the date on your calendar. The topic will be SAP Strategy for Data and Analytics. In advance of the June 6 call SAP recommends you read the recent article, From Data to Intelligence written by Gerrit Kazmaier (Senior Vice President, SAP Analytics and Database & Data Management). The article highlights recent Gartner reports where SAP is positioned as a leader in the January 2019 Magic Quadrant for Data Management Solutions for Analytics for the 7th consecutive year and also positioned as a visionary in this year's Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms. It also shares how SAP's strategy is to bring all analytics together in one cloud-based platform as a clear market differentiator and how they have unmatched business domain expertise for LoBs and industries. Learn more about how SAP is bringing quality, performance, and customer support in the article. (Source: SAP)

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Special thanks to jmlauzon for his support and help with the Q&A.
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