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This is a short recap/subset of last week's quarterly askSAP call, the 2nd one this year.

Be sure to join us for these upcoming webcasts:

June 25: BI: New Augmented Analytics Uses Cases

July 16 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning Roadmap Update

July 24 BI: Overview of Latest BI Features in SAP Cloud Analytics

September 3 BI: Discover SAP BusinessObjects BI4.3

September 10 BI: SAP Analytics Cloud for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise customers - Roadmap Update

Source: SAP

Speakers for quarterly call

This call included HANA and Analytics team

Future road map is subject to change

Source: SAP

Broadening from SAP Analytics

Presentation link is here

Source: SAP

X&O schematic for innovations

O operational data - HR, transactional data, GL data, customer records, on ERP, CRM applications; what is happening in business

X - experience - why are things happening, how customers are feeling

Source: SAP

Experience data is not connected to operational system

Connect experience of customers, employees, partners, to operational system

Source: SAP

SAP's digital platform

White paper: SAP Technology Innovation and Outlook by CTO Juergen Mueller - on premise and cloud data, bring them together

A Business Technology Platform for Data-Driven Innovation

Source: SAP

SAP HANA Cloud Service

Source: SAP

SAP HANA Service gives benefits of HANA and "SAP worries about boring stuff" - patch updates

Runs on SAP Cloud Platform

Extend SAP landscape

Start as small as 32GB and spin up in 16GB increments, uses cloud credit model and "pay for only what you need"

"Break cloud boundary and limits"

Source: SAP

Run across public clouds, hybrid - build app once and deploy anywhere

Smart data integration to move data

Smart data access to access data without moving data

Multi-cloud with one contract; not have to go to hyperscalers to negotiate

Source: SAP

Innovating with intelligence with live data, the "power of HANA"

Converge OLTP + OLAP ; do analytics on live data

Database for different purposes; HANA as a service includes broad sets of features

Includes advanced data virtualization

Source: SAP

Ability to deliver business ready applications; bring "legacy" to the cloud

"bring your own tools, bring your own language" to build applications

Source: SAP

Common use cases - application extensions, including ECC, and bring in predictive functionality, can do extensions in the cloud

Another use case is agile data marts, and run SAP Analytics Cloud on top of it

Source: SAP

Bringing SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and HANA together

SAC and HANA Services support live streaming, no need to replicate in SAC

"Bring all data and analytics together"

Source: SAP

SAP HANA Cloud Service is SAP's vision for data management in the cloud

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is one of the consumers (right side of the circle)

Source: SAP

Make SAP Data Warehouse Cloud "simple to use"; based on research with business users


Source: SAP

Raw data base into complete data warehouse solution

"HANA is the heart of the soluion"

Pre built templates and models

Easy to budget for, with costs

Integrate with analytics solution

"get faster results" - get data warehouse in a few minutes instead of weeks

Source: SAP

On the left, what will be planned for beta; industry templates, building machine learning semantic learning that SAC has pioneered

Data connectivity to many data sources

Data spaces - user can create their own environment

Future - open to partners, to create templates, to "decrease time to market"

Invest in machine learning to make solution smarter

Invest in data privacy and anonymization

Data lifecycle - where data is coming from, data lineage

Source: SAP

Results from webcast survey

Source: SAP

Templates give you a "flying start"

Source: SAP

Covered before in other blogs, here is the road map she covered

Source: SAP

Recommend watching the replay for the demo (around the 50-55 minute mark)


Source: SAP

Data Warehouse Cloud includes pre-designed schemas, pre-populated data, defined connections and some visualizations (pre-built dashboards etc). With just SAC HANA you would need to build it all from scratch versus having a head-start

There is the docs on creating trigger statements via SQL script:

SAP Cloud Platform is SAP's PaaS offering. Over 70 cloud services, available to be used together in an agile and devops framework. The SAP HANA Service is one of the 70 services on SAP Cloud Platform. Make sense? BTW, SAP Analytics Cloud is a SaaS offering built on SAP Cloud Platform...

Interaction between BW/4HANA and Data Warehouse Cloud - BW/4HANA support is planned for Data Warehouse Cloud (pure SQL mode), will support BW/4HANA flows, or a hybrid of the two. BW/4HANA customers will have chance to move to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud in the future
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