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Source: SAP

Purpose of the askSAP call is shown above


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Legal disclaimer applies

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List of speakers is shown above

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Themes include Augmented Analytics,  Intelligent Enterprise  Hybrid Environments and Collaborative Enterprise Planning


Data is massively growing

Source: SAP

Not just about visualization

Analytics is about being smarter, using machine learning to guide us

Capture and connect plans through enterprise without being a financial planning expert
"The One Simple Cloud strategy is about moving beyond human bias, with automated & assisted insights, from a connected environment"

Source: SAP

Inclusive strategy

Source: SAP

SAP is included in SAP applications such as SuccessFactors, Ariba

Source: SAP

Smart assist is making BI accessible to everyone

Source: SAP

Data Warehouse as a Service

Q: Do you have to be an SAP shop to use?

A: No, SAP Analytics Cloud works with other data sources and application types and run in hybrid landscapes

Q: Embed Analytics Cloud to integrate

A: API's available

Smart Predict

Intelligent enterprise, automate repetitive tasks, making business analysts more productive

(blog from yesterday😞

Source: SAP

Help Business Analyst understand the results, best way to use prediction

Source: SAP

Drive adoption, show how use to solve business problems

Drive into transaction systems - Pai

Q: Is this in addition to what is on premise for predictive analytics?

A: in addition to what is on premise predictive analytics (tool for analysts & data scientists)

Cloud - simpler experience for business analyst

Source: SAP

Moving to a hybrid environment is the next evolutionary step

"Strategy is hybrid, bringing additional capabilities to innovate with agility in the cloud"

Source: SAP

Forrester research

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Source: SAP

What Analytics Hub offers today

Source: SAP

BI4.3 is planned next year with BOE maintenance until 2026

Source: SAP
Q: What is SAP BI 4.3? A: Hybrid for improved integration, enterprise readiness - simplifying deployment, user experience

Application Design

Part of SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP

Professional design, guided apps, reuse elements from SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP

Planned is planning and integration with Smart capabilities

Use dashboard to influence the model and rerun it

Watch the webcast replay for the in-depth demo, and this blog for a recap.

Q: What is the GA on app design?

A: Towards end of the year

Q: Is the scripting in app design based on JavaScript?

A: Scripting is based on JavaScript/TypeScript

BW/4HANA SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP

Goal of BW/4HANA is to drive simplification

Deliver faster to the business when change an existing business scenario or a new data model

Data model is simplified; in the past had 10 modeling objects

Reduced to only 4 modeling objects - infoobject, ADSO that keeps line item DSO, composite provider for query access, open ODS view

Middle of the above are simplified data flows

High performance analytics in BW4

Decision on layer is no longer based on performance implications

Reduced huge number of source connections (had 11 different source system types) - now down to 4 - one includes HANA, ODP, Big Data (Data Hub, Hadoop), File

Source: SAP

New user experience, eclipse based environment

BW/4HANA Cockpit, the central entry point for the administrator; web based UI5 technology so access to any device

Source: SAP

New process chain editor; integration with Data Hub and BW/4HANA (add structured/unstructured) process chains can trigger SAP Data Hub

Source: SAP

New is data tiering optimization; data movement from hot to cold/warm - it is done in the background

Source: SAP

Flexible conversion options

Next step is BW/4HANA 2.0 - planned for February 2019 with major enhancements

Source: SAP

How integrate "best of both worlds"?

No additional modeling, replication, data stays in BW, and Analytics Cloud can integrate

It is a unique integration

Source: SAP

What SAP Analytics Cloud can use

Can run queries in parallel

Source: SAP

Time dependent hierarchy support

Source: SAP

BW Structure support

Source: SAP

Variant support

Source: SAP

Rename dimension, create your own groups

Q: Will SAP Analytics Cloud perform authorization routines?

A: When connecting to live data, automatically check data level security

Q: When should a customer go for BW/4HANA or SQL warehouse?

A: Not a decision done on feature/function level; customers who have no ABAP knowledge, perhaps consider SQL approach - can integrate with BW/4HANA

Q: Can Lumira Designer apps migrate to App Design?

A: So far, that is not planned as part of the immediate roadmap; not saying it will never happen as both products are not at same level of maturity

Q: What is the future of Lumira Designer?

A: Lumira Designer is the leading tool for professional dashboards; no plan to replace; SAP still committed to tool

Q: Is there is a mass import option of assets for SAP Analytics Hub?

A: Today Analytics Hub has API's and that API would allow you to script operations

Going forward, looking to clean up and tighten integration with BOE and SAP Analytics Cloud

Q: Which BI4x is required for live connectivity?

A: BI4.2 SP5 or above


For more information join us for these upcoming webcasts:

November 8 Mixed Modeling with SAP BW/4HANA & Native HANA

November 13 Smart Predict

November 14 SAP Analytics Cloud Integration with SAP BW: Best Practices

November 20 BI: SAP Analytics Hub and SAP Hybrid Analytics Strategy

December 4 INFL: Mobile BI Influence Council Re-launch
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