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Source: SAP

Yesterday was the quarterly askSAP call.

Source: SAP

The legal disclaimer applies that anything in the future is subject to change.

Source: SAP

"SAP's Unified Data and Analytics" provides data as part of the SAP Business Technology Platform and the Intelligent Enterprise.


Become a data driven enterprise, data to value, a data "super power" as mentioned in last year's SAPPHIRENOW

SAP's 2021 strategy beyond augmented analytics, BI, predictive and planning, which is in one tool and plan to embed SAP Analytics Cloud in all SAP cloud tools.  SAP is "on the journey"

Source: SAP

SAP's plans for 2021 and beyond include the information worker, intelligent monitoring and alerting, assisted exploration.  This also includes "Data to Value" including interoperability with BW, invest in user experience, and embedding SAP Analytics Cloud with live connectivity in the core SAP applications.


Break for Q&A

Q: How does DWC (Data Warehouse Cloud) fit in this strategy?

A: DWC is positioned for "quality" element

Looking at leveraging DWC in planning process

Q: Differentiator between SAC and DWC?

A: If you have a massive amount of sources, and enrichment, using DWC is well positioned

It has ETL processes, advanced blending, and advanced modeling

Use it next to SAC

"natural twins"

Q: Are there any migrations planned for WebI?

A: No technical migration

Look at SAP BusinessObjects PCE

Updated statement of direction

SAP Analytics Cloud: What’s New for Businesspeople

Source: SAP

Can guide users in exploration mode

Data Analyzer - no need to create model, analyze data

Search to insight, type question Google way, let product create analysis for you - Voice to Insight

Smart Discovery - revamped

New model - measures and accounts in one model, improves performance

BusinessObjects - moving use cases to cloud - core reporting functionality

Source: SAP

Create measures and accounts in same model

Source: SAP

No data prep needed

Focus on business question

Let SAC answer business question

Source: SAP

Ships with SAC

Central page to consume stories

Now datasets and models

Provides governance

Workflow - separation of metadata and catalog content


Q: How to figure out when tenant will be upgraded to latest version?


Q: What is the future of Analytics Hub?

A: Not further investing in Analytics Hub; decided to invest in Analytics Catalog

Q: SAP is embedding SAC?

A: What about non-SAP data source - DWC has powerful non-SAP connectivity; improve interop with SAC

Data acquisition with non SAP in SAC

Road map

Source: SAP

Last 9 months

Future 9 months

Creator experience - business analyst

Information worker


Road map explorer focus (, focus (100 ideas from customers implemented in past year)

Optimized story viewer and designer - allow SAC to render differently with better performance, improved usability

Source: SAP

How empower?

Continue BI journey

Source: SAP

Info worker doesn't have the time to learn how to use a tool

Low skill level, crank tasks out in 5 minutes

Get response quickly

Source: SAP

See why data is behaving a certain way


Source: SAP

Unified exploration, planned Q4 this year

Source: SAP

Planned flow between watchlist and Explorer

Source: SAP

Building SDK's, expose to customers, show in their own applications (Teams, Portals)

Source: SAP

Where GA, continue to expand use cases

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Modular design and use cases; Use cases for SQL live


A: How to expose  BW and calc views to SAP Analytics Cloud

for that use case, the ultimate tool is Data Analyzer which comes with SAC. By the way, If you like SAP Analytics, you might want to join the LinkedIn SAP Analytics Technology Group. We post 2-3 best practices, tricks and use cases every day. No sales, recruiting or marketing messages allowed. Just click to join: Also definitely visit the complete revamped SAP Analytics Cloud Community pages. Full of content on learning, performance, best practices and new features. Happy reading.


Slides are here.

What do you think?  Heather Hill, iver.vandezand and Richard Mooney did a great job
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