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This was an SAP webcast from last week, with SAP's ingo.hilgefort  and gordon.witzel
SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) go together hand-in-hand. Join us for this webinar for an open discussion on the benefits of extending SAP BW/4HANA to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. This is a highly interactive session with most of the time dedicated to Q&A. Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Q: How is DWC different from HANA Cloud with the WebUI -do they overlap?
A: They are different; DWC is intended for business user, self service BI, data marts on top of your data

DWC is based on HANA Cloud

SAP HANA Cloud is for the IT users, SQL-based access, running scripts, SQL data models in WebIDE

Can start with either product

Business user can use HANA cloud data models or create their own data models

Will see more integration in next few months

Q: Should you create models in DWC or is okay to continue to create them in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?
When is it better to create models in DWC to be consumed in SAC?

A: SAC is for analytics, load data today in SAC (not remote models), can do the same things in DWC
DWC gives you options - joining, federating, multiple data sources - e.g. data in BW/4, S/4, and SQL Server - blend data in story in SAC

In DWC could do the joining as part of model, and the person creating the analytics doesn't have to worry about it

List of data sources can talk to - integration with SAP, non-SAP, live, acquired, in DWC and put analytics on top

Depends on what model is supposed to do

If want to join multiple sources, see using DWC with SAC on top

Q: Does SAC not take of business users, with similar connectivity?
A: DWC, from modeling point of view, geared towards business user, business semantic layer in DWC

Q: The pace of DWC development is going well, do you believe DWC can fully replace BW/4HANA in the future?
A: Not position DWC as a replacement for BW/4HANA
Position DWC as an enhancement
Use BW/4HANA as governed data warehouse and enhance for Line of business
Extend capabilities of DWC
Currently DWC is not a replacement for BW/4HANA
Can use DWC on top of BW/4HANA
Investments in BW/4HANA are safe
Customers on BW on HANA, next step is to move to BW/4HANA

Q: Could I use the SAC add in for MS Office in SAC that is included in DWC?
A: Can create connection between SAC and DWC
Then use add in for MS SAC

Q: Are there any features in SAC not available in SAC embedded with DWC, for instance Geo maps based on regions
A: Go to web site, SAP note available, see the note
Items are on the road map

Q: In terms of connection from DWC to BW/4HANA, does DWC connect with both layers of BW/4HANA separately (business application ABAP layer for BW owned schema and DB layer for external schemas)?
A: Yes that is possible, can connect to both layers
Can access the tables in dictionary
Can access the queries in ABAP layer
Part of road map - end of 2020 - tight integration- BW/4HANA model transfer, transfer queries to DWC with the semantics

Q: DP agent seems to be the main way of connecting external sources; is there any way to simplify this as in SAC. Whitelisting of IPs raises a lot of dependencies
A: In SAC, connecting to HANA box, live connectivity
Import - cloud connector
Set up is similar
DP agent is way to go
IP whitelisting will become easier, plans to make easier configuration

Working on embedding data flow - embed data intelligence in DWC - then can connect to Ariba, etc. without the data provisioning agent

Q: Is there a TCO advantage of DWC over BW/4HANA, benefit of DWC
A: DWC as an option for flexibility, introduce scenarios
If run BW/4HANA, have actuals from sales in BW/4HANA
Planning data via spreadsheets
Instead of loading data in BW system with a multiprovider, can have DWC reuse BW/4HANA but allow business user to load planning spreadsheet and join it with data in BW
- they can do it themself, without having go to IT
- modeling is easier in DWC from workflow, UI perspective
- address a different audience, do self-service modeling
- use combination of data sources

Q: What is the release cycle of DWC?
A: Release is bi-weekly

Q: We see SAP HANA Cloud comes with a data lake (IQ) option, is it planned to have a data lake option for DWC (helping reduce storage costs)?
A: Yes, planned to have HANA data lake option for DWC, planned for 2021
System will choose between hot and cold based on use options
Same is true for BW/4HANA - SAP Data Lake based on IQ - data tiering optimization is planned for 2021

Q: Can we load data from many sources like we do in BW/4HANA? and do the modeling?
A: Yes
See a feature in DWC this quarter called data flows, which is a feature from Data Intelligence, with a list of data sources from there?

Q: Can DWC be a data source to SAP BI4.3?
A: Yes, expose DWC to ODBC, JDBC, and in that way use Web Intelligence to talk to DWC

Q: Do you support 2 structured queries in DWC?
A: Not yet
If you already have BW, with DWC can reuse what you have, can point from DWC to that existing query

Q: What can you say about performance when you compare BW/4HANA with DWC?
A: Not really a comparison that makes sense at this stage
Products are at different stages of product life; DWC is not one year old, BW/4HANA has been out for years
Multiple factors - network, bandwidth, etc.
Strongly depends on use case, underlying sources, models, amount of data
Key message - using HANA as underlying technology
Both solutions are quite fast


Be sure to register for next month's Data to Outcome online event - there's more to learn there.
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