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This was a webcast from last week given by SAP, including eric.schemer

Remember to join SAP and Guy Kawasaki for next week's Data to Outcome event.  It is open to all.

SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud go together hand-in-hand. Join us for this webinar for an open discussion on the benefits of adding SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to your SAP Analytics Cloud installation. This is a highly interactive session with most of the time dedicated to Q&A. (Source: SAP)

Figure 1 Source SAP

Different products
Data Intelligence - different data in landscape
HANA Cloud - store, process massive amount of data, with in memory
Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) - semantics - to get right info out of pool of data, in right format at the right time, cloud enabled DW
SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) - on top of DWC, analyze, visualize, plan product

Figure 2 Source: SAP

Both solutions are targeted towards business users
SAC - self service scenario, push own data, visualize data fast
- focus is to visualize first

DWC - prepare and handle data
- control ETL
- enterprise wide
- model data

Figure 3 Source: SAP

Different pieces of puzzle
DWC - create data layers, move to business semantics, define semantics
SAC on top

Figure 4 Source: SAP

Road map of integration between the two products
Currently can connect DWC as a remote source in SAC as a live connection - some limitations, see SAP Note 2832606

Features completed H1 2020 - parent child hierarchy, access to Analytics Designer, create a time dimension

Planned for H2 2020:
Improve UX, seamless integration
Geo enablement
Data Analyzer integration, smart discovery, smart insights

Right most shows the product vision - long term - blending capabilities, smart predict, search to insight, planning, mobile app

Question & Answer:

Q: are there any visualization tools provided with data warehouse cloud?
A: there is a limited number of free SAC users with Data Warehouse Cloud

Q: is SAC provided for free?
A: Limited, and not all types of licenses

Q: Does Digital Board room come with DWC?
A: No, it does not, you need to license it

Q: Live and import connections supported?
A: Yes and no
Recommend run SAC on DWC without replicating data, live
DWC - SQL interface
Assume use live connection in most scenarios

Q: is DWC a cloud version of BW/4HANA?
A: Different product, different technology
Providing integration between both

Q: Does it make sense for a customer to buy DWC if they have BW/4HANA?
A: It makes sense if you want a cloud data warehouse; DWC is full public cloud solution

Get Superior Analytics with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

WEBCAST LINK to replay is here.
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