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1. Create the remote server entry in the interfaces file;  sql.ini (Windows) or interfaces (UNIX).




2. Add the remote server

sp_addserver 'myIQServer', ASIQ, myIQHost:4091'

3. Add the external login (SAP IQ) to be used by the local user (ASE) when connecting the SAP IQ database

sp_addexternlogin myIQServer, myLocalUser, myIQUser, myIQPassword

4. Verify connectivity using passthrough

connect to myIQServer

select @@version



Sybase IQ/ 5.10/64bit/2013-11-22 01:16:26

1 record(s) selected [Fetch MetaData: 0ms] [Fetch Data: 0ms]

[Executed: 12/03/2014 2:00:20 PM] [Execution: 2ms]

disconnect from myIQServer

This document has previously been published in my personal blog at ASE 15.7: Create a Remote Server to SAP IQ 16.0 | ARBIME

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