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This was a Visual BI webcast that ihilgefort provided last month.

Figure 1: Source: Visual BI

The legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.

Figure 2: Source: Visual BI

Figure 2 shows the Visual BI extensions; this includes no scripting, standard features for charts

The Data Utility is the ability to reuse a single data source for multiple charts

Figure 3: Source: Visual BI

Figure 3 shows some of the Visual BI features, with some things I have never heard of like identical scale (but important once you learn).

Conditional formatting is available for dimensions as well.

Figure 4: Source: Visual BI

You can integrate maps with existing content

Navigate from map, click on marker, hand over to Web Intelligence report, including context, filtered down to outlet

You can configure up to 3 levels of drilldowns

Figure 5: Source: Visual BI

DSX1.4 is planned for first half of November

Figure 6: Source: Visual BI

More drilldown chart, hierarchy support, bullet chart

Edit labels; BW says “Net Revenue” and you want to say “Sales”

Figure 7: Source: Visual BI

Figure 7 shows a trend line bar

Figure 8: Source: Visual BI

Figure 8 shows a feature that is similar to the chart picker

User can select at runtime

Figure 9: Source: Visual BI

GeoJSON – industry standard syntax – create your own custom regions in maps

Send syntax and will plot

Lasso selection; large map with a lot of markers, select outlets – mouse – draw area around markers and those can be used as a filter

Figure 10: Source: Visual BI

Figure 10 shows facet navigation (like BusinessObjects Explorer)

You select measures, select visualization, click in facet will filter data

The slider has 3 different modes: 1) static data 2) date value – month, quarters and years 3) binding slider to data

Figure 11: Source: Visual BI

Export to PPT

Export to Outlook – sending an e-mail – combine email and embed dashboard

Responsive container – moving dashboard from iPad Pro to iPhone6, portrait to landscape

Planned Functionality

Figure 12: Source: Visual BI

Figure 13: Source: Visual BI

I didn’t have detailed notes on Figures 12 & 13, but hopefully we’ll learn more in 2016

ASUG has 2 upcoming Design Studio webcasts this week:

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