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For the calculation of any two numbers, we need at least one Arithmetic Operator. It basically comprises operations such as Addition [+], Subtraction [-], Multiplication [*], and Division [/]. And there are different data types such as INT, CHAR, DATS…


Usually, we can't perform a calculation with parameters whose datatypes are different. In this blog, we are going to see how to perform Arithmetic Operations with different data types in CDS views. In the below images, a list of datatypes and their conversion logic is given.

     If a built-in data type from ABAP Dictionary is specified for datatype, no further restrictions apply to combinations with "x". The following rules apply to the other combinations:

  • In combinations using "y", the target data type must be long enough.

  • In combinations using "z", the lengths of the data types must match exactly.

  • In the case of combinations with "p" or "d", no built-in data type from ABAP Dictionary can be specified. A data element must be specified as the target data type instead.

    1. In combinations with "d", the data element can have a suitable target type in accordance with the table above and with any length.

    2. In combinations with "p", the data element must have the built-in data type and the same length as the data type of the operand.



division(10,3,4) as value1, // [Ans:3.3333]

div(55,5) as value2, // [Ans:11]

(10.5 / 3.2) as value3, // [Ans:3.28125]

// multiplication

(10 * 3) as value4, // [Ans:30]

(10 *6 * 3) as value5, // [Ans:180]


mod(2,3) as value6, // [Ans:2]

// Addition

(2 +3) as value7, // [Ans:5]

(2.2 + 3.7) as value8, // [Ans:5.9]

// (2 + 3.7) as value8--> is not possible as both are different data types


(2 -3) as value9, // [Ans:-1]

(21 -1) as value10, // [Ans:20]

(21.5 - 1.7) as value11, // [Ans:1.98]

//(21.5 - 1) as value11--> is not possible as both are different data types


(2+3-4*3) as value12, // [Ans:-7]

cast( 2+3-4*3 as abap.fltp)/ 2.0 as value13 // [Ans:-3.5]

// As ‘/’ only support fltp data type, we changed to fltp


Suppose we have a parameter1 as CHAR datatype but need to perform an Arithmetic operation like addition, we can’t directly change CHAR to INT as shown in the image.

So, in such a case, we can change CHAR datatype to INT by having NUMC as intermediate,


cast ( cast (parameter1 as abap.numc( 8 )) as  abap.int8)as datatype_int


Using this blog post, it will be easy to understand the Arithmetic Operations with different data types and conversion logic between different data types, especially for beginners. Kindly share your feedback or doubts in a comment section and please follow my 24_dhana for future posts. And feel free to ask any questions related to data and analytics in our SAP Community forum and follow up for more related blogs.

Thank you


ABAP CDS - cast_expr

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