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Chances are, if you invest in something – anything – it only makes sense to protect your investment.

For instance, if you purchase a Porsche you will want to take good care of it so it runs smoothly and holds its value. You would do your best to maintenance it and when a repair is needed, you wouldn’t try to fix it yourself or go to someone that wasn’t trusted. Instead, you would seek out an auto-mechanic with expert knowledge about German-made cars and has experience, specifically, with Porsche repairs. You would also evaluate the mechanic based on reliability, affordability, and efficiency, ensuring that the repairs would lead to a better running car.

So for a business looking to make changes and innovate, it makes sense to seek expert consultation and determine the best solution.  Ultimately, the consultation would come from a company with knowledge, experience, and a team dedicated to ensuring success.

…and those requirements could lead you to SAP Services and deploying SAP HANA.

Companies looking to improve processes, accelerate analytics, and/or add predictive capabilities, may look to SAP HANA to transform the company and better align IT and business. Because SAP HANA has a lot of power, seeking experts to help determine the best in-memory solution and deploy efficiently with little interruption to business, SAP Services can be the perfect pairing to ensure the value from the investment.

A quick peek at the stats shows that:

  • SAP HANA can increase analysis speed by more than 10,000x
  • There are more than 2,000 SAP Services consultants ready to help deploy SAP HANA
  • SAP RDS solutions can be deployed in as few as five weeks

A deeper dive into the numbers, as displayed by the infographic below, shows that SAP HANA can be a game-changer, and with the help of SAP Services, can help businesses reach their full potential.

View the Imagine Your Potential with the Power of SAP HANA from SAP Services infographic on the SAP Services Slideshare page.

Learn more about SAP HANA rapid deployment solutions.

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