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Are you interested to learn more about Design Studio and to take your Design Studio skills to the next level ? If so, then you should consider to join us for our annual Pre Conference at the ASUG / SAPPHIRE Annual Conference.

You can find the Details for the Pre Conference here in the Analytics section:

We have been conducting these Pre Conference for several years now and this year will be the 6 th year in a row that I am honoured to create such a great workshops with my fellow SAP Mentors tammy.powlas and joyce.butler4.

If you are completely new to SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, then this might not be the "right" workshop for you, but if you already have basic skills in Design Studio and already created a few dashboard and want to now take a look at some additional topics - this is the place to be.

Here the agenda details:

Key Topics:

- Role of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio in the SAP BusinessObjects BI portfolio

- SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio deployment options

- Creating a simple KPI dashboards

- Filtering your data using different options

- Using personalization and bookmarking

- Leveraging online composition as part of your dashboard

- Parallel process and background processing of data sources

- Using the geo map component to visualize geographic information

- Using global scripts

- Using the scorecard component

- Using profiling for your dashboard

We will also conduct a webinar on April 12 to provide more details on this Pre Conference and what will be covered in this great workshop.

Here the details on the webinar: - Events

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