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Fellow Portal People! Lend me your eyes :grin:

I wanted to write a quick post over here in the SAP Enterprise Portal space to point anyone who is generally interested in SAP User Interface technologies to a series of posts called The NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) - A Portal Consultants Guide that I have started to write over on the SAP NetWeaver Business Client space.

I think anyone who is interested in the portal should also know a bit about other alternatives to the Portal such as the NWBC and the Fiori Launchpad, what I've tried to do in this series of blogs is introduce the NWBC from a portal consultants point of view. Many of the concepts and features you are familiar with in the portal are also applicable to the NWBC, however they may be implemented slightly differently. The purpose of the series is to help portal people get up to speed with the NWBC. If you think that sounds useful please check it out.

Blog Post: The NetWeaver Business Client - A Portal Consultants Guide

I'd be very interested to hear from others here in the Portal space whether they have had much to do with the NWBC or for that matter the Fiori Launchpad - do you see a move toward these technologies happening in your company or at your clients? In my view the portal is still a key part of the SAP User Interface Strategy and has many features and strengths that make it the right choice, but it is certainly not the only choice and I am seeing more and more instances where the NWBC has taken it's place.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this and hope that you find The NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) - A Portal Consultants Guide something useful.



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