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We had the problem where by our backups for archive logs to disk was not running in parallel which causes problems if the system generates 100gig of archive logs in a very short period of time, if we changed it to backup to tape it would run with 8 channels assigned.

We set the settings requested by SAP

BR0002I BRARCHIVE 7.20 (33)
BR0006I Start of offline redolog processing: aemmqrsu.svd 2013-11-09 18.02.04
BR0484I BRARCHIVE log file: /oracle/SID/sapbackup/aemmqrsu.svd
BR0477I Oracle pfile /oracle/SID/112_64/dbs/initSID.ora created from spfile /oracle/SID/112_64/dbs/spfileSID.ora

BR0101I Parameters

Name                           Value

oracle_sid                     SID
oracle_home                    /oracle/SID/112_64
oracle_profile                 /oracle/SID/112_64/dbs/initSID.ora
sapdata_home                   /oracle/SID
sap_profile                    /oracle/SID/sapbackup/runtime/
backup_dev_type                rman_disk
archive_copy_dir               /oracle/SID/sapbackup
rman_channels                  8
rman_filesperset               10
rman_maxpiecesize              2048000 KB
rman_maxopenfiles              1
rman_proxy                     no
rman_parms                     ENV=(NB_ORA_POLICY=POLICY, NB_ORA_SCHED=SCHED)
rman_compress                  yes
archive_dupl_del               only
_rman_sess_stmt                alter session set optimizer_mode=RULE
_rman_chan_failo               yes
system_info                    oraSID/oraSID hostSID Linux #1 SMP 2012-04-27 11:14:44 +0200 x86_64
oracle_info                    SID 8192 741593  hostSID WE8DEC UTF8 2620543775 &SID
sap_info                       701 SAPSR3
make_info                      linuxx86_64 OCI_112 Jul  6 2013 720_EXT_REL
command_line                   brarchive -CAB -c -sd -p /oracle/SID/sapbackup/runtime/ -u /

This turned out to be a limitation of BRTOOLS 7.20 and had beed added and rectified in BRTOOLS 7.40

1882182 - Functional enhancements in BRARCHIVE 7.40

2. Parallel backup of archive log files on disk


BRARCHIVE can now save the archive log files to a local or remote disk in parallel (backup_dev_type = disk|stage). This can reduce the time taken to save significantly. The degree of parallelism to be used is defined with the new init<DBSID>.sap parameter "exec_parallal_arch":

exec_parallel_arch = <par_cnt>

Default value: 1

Note 1: If this parameter is set, it also defines the degree of parallelism for the verification of BACKINT backups (backup_dev_type = util_file) of the archive log files.

However, this currently applies only for the option "-w use_rmv".  The parallel processing of "-w first_rmv" in connection with BACKINT is supported as of BRARCHIVE 7.40 Patch 5.

After upgrading the BRTOOLS 7.40 SP5 we are able to run archive log backups in parallel to disk

(250Gig in 30min Compress)


1838850 - Corrections in BR*Tools Version 7.40

1882182 - Functional enhancements in BRARCHIVE 7.40

1317033 - Restrictions in the use of BR*Tools options/parameter

1574751 - Linux: version `GLIBC_2.7' not found

1563102 - Linux Requirements for 7.20 EXT and higher kernel

1638356 - Additional information about BR*Tools Version 7.20 EXT

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