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Half a year ago, I described the Architectural changes with SAP Data Hub 1.3. Now there are fundamental architectural changes again with SAP Data Hub 2.3.

To start with, SAP Data Hub 2.3 is based on SAP Vora 2.3:

SAP Data Hub Version SAP Vora Version
1.1.2 2.0
1.2.1 2.1
1.3.1 2.2
2.3.3 2.3

Also there is a new installation option for Installing SAP Data Hub using Maintenance Planner and SL Plugin. However, for the purpose of this blog, I am Manually Installing SAP Data Hub on the Kubernetes Cluster as before, that is still available as on of the Alternative Installation Procedures.

Please be aware that NFS is no longer supported by Data Hub because it has certain limitations that prevent the distributed log (dlog) to function properly as per SAP Note 2712050 - SAP Data Hub 2.3 installation fails during validation step "vora-cluster". Therefore I am using Ceph instead.

Then SAP HANA has been containerized to host the former SAP Data Hub Cockpit which greatly simplifies the SAP Data Hub architecture as well as its installation:

With this comes the central SAP Data Hub Launchpad:

And a focus on metadata management with the renewed SAP Data Hub Metadata Explorer:

While some aspects of the former SAP Data Hub Cockpit have been renewed, like the SAP Data Hub Monitoring:

Others have remained quite similar like the former SAP Data Hub – Data Pipelines, now SAP Data Hub Modeler:

To me, SAP Data Hub 2.3 is architecturally the slickest release yet.
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