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So far, I installed SAP Data Hub 1.1.2 on SUSE CaaSP, SAP Data Hub 1.2.1 on Microsoft Azure and SAP Data Hub 1.3.0 on the Google Cloud platform.

Therefore, in this blog, I would like to highlight some of the architectural changes especially also with SAP Data Hub 1.3.0.

To start with, each of those SAP Data Hub version is based on a different SAP Vora version:

SAP Data Hub Version SAP Vora Version
1.1.2 2.0
1.2.1 2.1
1.3.0 2.2


However, the so far biggest architectural change comes with SAP Data Hub 1.3.0 in that the Hadoop cluster with its SAP Data Hub Adapter becomes an optional component that could be replaced by the Flow Agent:

In other words, if you have a Hadoop cluster that you want to be managed by the SAP Data Hub, the architecture remains the same:

The major difference though is that you do not need a Hadoop cluster any longer just to run the SAP Data Hub adapter, but could leverage the Flow Agent instead:

This architectural change could potentially quite significantly decrease the complexity and therefore implementation cost regardless the

of your SAP Data Hub deployment.
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