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This is the 2nd blog of my Blog series on SAP BTP. In this Blog, I would be discussing about:

  • Architecting the BTP Setup for the Green field implementations.

  • Identify the right services and subscription based on the sizing and scalability

SAP BTP Configurations and Setup : Based on the Business Process / Requirement 

In the previous blog of this blog series, We have discussed about high Level Architecture for the Real Time scenarios which meets Business needs and these custom complex solutions will be developed outside the main ERP Core (S4HANA / ECC Backend).

Keeping same Architecture in mind, Let’s focus on below important considerations:

  • Identification of various technology component

  • Interaction between these technology components to and from for building overall Technical Solution

  • BOM (Bill of Material) and Provisioning BTP Services  according to different environments / Subaccounts

  • Sizing based on the business needs, Flexible enough to scalable to at any point of time.

SAP BTP Enterprise Account Setup:

As a first Step after acquiring SAP BTP Enterprise Account by the customer, needs to perform some basic onboarding steps which can be further understood with the below link

More detailed information for the enterprise account , can be checked with below link

Technical Landscape for Sub Account for mentioned Real Time Business case:

Setting up right Account Model is most important activity which needs to be realize during architecting / Solutioning for the BTP.

In this Blog, I would not be discussing about how to setup sub account / directory etc. Please refer one wonderful blog by our mentor @Murli for understanding of Account Models in Details.

A Typical 5 Tier, Subaccount Model will be as follows:

Considering the above 5 Tier Sub Account Model Architecture, Below Configurations setup needs to be performed :


BTP Set Up and Configuration Steps


Sr No BTP Set Up & Configuration Dev SIT Pre Prod FDR Prod
1 Environment Account Setup

  • Sub Account Creation

  • Org Creation

  • Space Creation

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Connectivity & Destination Setup

  • On Premise Destination


  • Destination for consuming Cloud API etc

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Configure ADFS Server with IAS SAML

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Configure ADFS as Identity Provider in IAS
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Create IPS Tenant
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Configure IAS transformation, connectivity to s4
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


User Role Set-up
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


User Creation (test accounts & actual user creation)
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


SSL Certificate set up
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Cloud Connector Setup
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


sed on the high Level Architecture discussed in my previous blog, We have below major requirements :

  • CAPM Application needs to be developed in BTP

  • Workflow for Approval Process

  • Attachments Facility

  • Third party API Integration

  • On Premise S4HANA/ ECC Backend Connectivity

  • ADFS for user's  authentication

  • Roles Set up

Keeping the same architecture in scope, Needs to have below services are required for BTP enterprise Account:


Service Required for above Architecture

Details for individual service can be found under SAP BTP Discovery Center


Sr No Requirement Based on the Scenario Discuss          BTP Cloud Service Subscription / Entitlement
1 Central Launch Pad for User Accessing the Application

  • Launch Pad Service OR


  • Work zone

2 Development Tool


Business Application Studio
3 Data Base ( Staging Data in the BTP)


4 Workflow Management in the BTP


Workflow Management Service 

Attachment Storage

  • SAP HANA Cloud ( In Memory )          OR


  • SAP Document Management Service  OR


  • Object Store


Cloud Identity Management


IAS ( Identity Access Service)

IPS ( Identity Provision Service)

PDF Printing

Forms Service by Adobe

Background Job Execution

Job Scheduling Service

Application Log handling


Audit Log

Application Logging Service

Audit Log Service
9 Deployment

  • Cloud Transport from one Sub Account to other

  • Dev Ops , Automate the Deployment

  • SAP Cloud Transport Management  Service


  • Continuous Integration and Delivery


(  understanding of Internal MTAR movement  )



10 Security / Connectivity(Backing Service)

  • Authorization & Trust Management


  • Connectivity Service


  • Destination Service


Next Steps:

I hope  I have discussed about the Real Time Business Scenario for

  • Architecting the BTP Setup for the Green field implementations.

  • Identify the right services and subscription based on the sizing and scalability

Please, do not hesitate to submit your questions in Q&A in SAP Community:



Mohit Bansal

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