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My last blog series  have been based on the Architecting BTP CAPM based applications, this is the extension of those Blog series with some Real Life Business Challenges and solving the problem with ease utilizing the BTP CAPM Framework.

I am working as a BTP & S4HANA Solutions Architect and  working extensively on BTP & S4HANA greenfield Implementations.

Blog Posts in this Series

I am happy to say that I am great admirer & enthusiast of "SAP BTP & specially CAPM Framework" which helps me to concentrate only on the Business Problems and BTP will handle the Business Complexity behind the curtains, lot of Boiler plate code are absolute and with this blog series I will justify it.

In this blog series, I would like to discuss about the architecting and solutioning Cloud Application Programming Model based applications which are dynamically connected to Multiple S4HANA Backend Systems and working seamlessly without user’s knowledge that they are accessing & working seamlessly / flawlessly across multiple backend systems.

“As they say, there are thousands way to reach the mountain and here is my way to solve below Business Problem” 😊

Business Requirements & Identification of solution Approach

Let's discuss this one use case with Business Problem and Requirement in depth which will helps us to set the  right context and  architectural understanding in right direction.

“Idea is to  utilize  "The Best"  Technology to solve Business critical Problems, Fortunately we have BTP to solve the Business Critical Challenges

Deep Dive: Business Use Case & Requirement:

Before I jump into the Business Requirement it is extremely important to understand the landscape to design the solution perfectly.

Understanding of Business Landscape:

Overview of the System Land Scape

Key observations from the above Land scape for this Use Case

  • Business is spread across multiple company codes and Thousands of Business users are working across multiple backend S4HANA system instances.

  • Each Company Code have separate S4HANA system instance (SAP Client) for example client 100, 200 etc.

  • These company codes are unique across  all system Land scape.

  • Each Business user can support multiple backend system, it means user A can support S4HANA system i.e., S4HANA_SYSTEM_A, S4HANA_SYSTEM_B etc.

  • User’s authorization may vary system to system. That means any users can access the company codes data from multiple system based on their authorizations.

Business Requirements in detail

Based on the above landscape below is the key requirements from the architecting point of view.

  • Business applications required for the Finance & Procurement Modules.

  • Company code will be the main driving factor, which used to retrieve further data like Business Partner, Accounting Documents etc.

  • Seamless integration with all the Business Objects like Finance Document, Business Partners, Sales Contract, Purchase contract etc.

  • Based on the User’s actual access in the respective Backend S4HANA System, Respective information to be retrieved.

  • Single Instance of application targeting multiple backend system at Run Time.

Let’s understand with simple flow and simple wireframe

Business Process Flow


Sample Wireframe based on the above flow and Requirement

  • Works seamless with multiple backend system

  • Depending Upon the company code selection as a step 1, remaining information like BP, FI Document should be retrieved from relevant backend system.

  • User's authorizations will vary system to system and will flow with company code selections.

Wireframe: Illustrating Business Use Case

I hope, we are now very clear with the Business requirement and use case, lets’ move to my next blog for detail designing Architecture for this use case/ scenario.

I keep sharing and posting latest happenings on my LinkedIn, Happy to connect over my LinkedIn too.

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LinkedIn : Mohit Bansal
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