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Latest updates:

  • March 2024: Release 1909 is no longer available. We now offer release 2020 free of charge for a limited number of customers willing to let us use their company name as Fiori App Usage customers. see the details at
  • October 2023: Release 1909 is still free and available for download with support from the community on Discord. Dedicated support and the latest release are offered as paid. Note 2586237 (Metrics about SAP Fiori Launchpad) is now archived. SAP consolidated all KBAs regarding Fiori Metrics into KBA 3203036.

There is currently no way in SAP standard to report usage of SAP Fiori applications (see SAP notes below) meaning, users can’t run the report and have the list of most popular SAP Fiori applications. Many people have been looking for this since the beginning of the SAP Fiori offering. So we (at Nype) have prepared the solution based on the SAP Fiori launchpad plugin and the catalog of all the apps in the scope, so you have a clear view of all started application details and their link to the SAP Fiori library id. The report runs in the central system (you can choose SAP Solution Manager for that) that collects data separately for each of your systems in your system landscape.

Here is how the report looks:

You can install the “Apps usage report for SAP Fiori launchpad” by downloading the transport from GitHub:

and following those two install guides:

The report was priceless during the implementation when testing. It was also a huge help when deciding on the priority of adjusting the apps after the upgrade. As well as deciding on the business impact when users reported issues with specific apps. We also called it to detect scope creep - this is especially important when the number of custom and extended apps grew, and the project was not tracking who is responsible for maintaining new apps.

SAP notes on usage reports in SAP standard:

    • 2586237 – Metrics about SAP Fiori Launchpad (is now archived. SAP consolidated all KBAs regarding Fiori Metrics into KBA 3203036.)
    • 2444406 – Google Analytics Integration with SAP Fiori
    • 2506498 – Monitoring SAP Fiori Application Usage
    • 2469965 – Tracking usage of mobile applications with SAP Fiori

The report is free and will stay free. We develop and share it for exposure only.
I’m curious to hear your opinions on the Fiori Apps Usage tool – feel free to comment or contact me on Linkedin or Fiori Tracker Suite Discord.

See also blog posts on Why do you need a tool for Fiori launchpad documentation, and Practical project roles in SAP Fiori application handling.

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