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  • Purpose

This document discusses the approach of showing non cumulative key figures with exception aggregation of SAP standrad Inventory Management flow in SAP BO 4.0 dashboard.

  • Usage of APD to show the standard non cumulative key figures in SAP BO 4.0 Dashboard

This section describes the approach of showing Non Cumulative Inventory key figures in BO dashboard.

    1.1 . Limitations :

Generally we can’t show Non cumulative Key figures with Exception aggregation through BO 4.0 Dashboard. It shows ‘#TOREFRESH’ in BO Webi report for those Key Figures. Screenshot is below :

    1.2 . Cause :

We have followed the standard Inventory flow ( BI extractors [ 2LIS_03_BX , 2LIS_03_BF] ----> 0IC_C03 Cube ) in our design. Thats why we have used Non cumulative key figure with exception aggregation(Last value) to show our stock figure.

Initially we were using standard BEx query  , 0IC_C03_Q0013 for which source was 0IC_C03 . But we were unable to show the stock volume(0TOTALSTCK) in dashboard as it was showing ‘#TOREFRESH’ . The reason behind this is the Exception aggregation of 0TOTALSTCK is LAST VALUE :

1.3 . Solution :

Now the solution for this is we have to use Cumulative Key figures with default aggregation – SUM in the final Cube on top of which BEx query will be created for BO Dashboard.

For this we have created a custom Cube , source of which is the standard BEx query( 0IC-C03_Q0013) where the total stock value gets calculated at the runtime.

Now there are two approaches to make BEx query as source :

Approach 1 :

In RSRT , we can mark the check box of ‘Query is used as Info Provider’ :

Approach 2 :

By using APD (Analysis Process Design) :

Here in this case we can’t go with Approach 1 as we cant use the BEx queries as source where Non-cumulative Key Figures are present ( here 0TOTALSTCK is a non cumulative KF).

So we followed Approach 2 and created APD ( usinng RSANWB transaction) to use our Standard Inventory BEX query as a source. For this we should follow few points:

  • We can’t use CUBE as APD target , so we will create a custom DSO.
  • That DSO has to be DIRECT UPDATE DSO.
  • Whatever the fields present in the source BEX query , same has to be present in the target DSO.



  • The custom stock quantity field present in the custom DSO should be a cumulative key figure with default Aggregation – SUM.

Here we have created a custom stock quantity field(ZFIN_STK) for the same :

  • After creating the APD , we should execute it and same step should be added in process chain also :


  • Now we can create a Custom Cube for Inventory on top of that custom DSO and use for reporting. The KF added for Stock Quantity in the Cube has to be with the same properties as of the stock quantity field used in the custom DSO which is present in APD.

  • Here we will not face the issue with “#TOREFREFRESH” in BO dashboard as we are not using any non-cumulative key figure with exception aggregation(Not SUM) in our BEx query .

The final BO dashboard output is below :

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