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Hello Folks,

This Blog will help you to understand on how to address YTD, which is more of a common scenario in SAP Bex reports.

Problem Description:

To apply Year to Date filtering which is a more common scenario with SAP Bex Reports.

YTD: Year To Date – The report should show the values from starting day of the year till the date provided by the user

We need to define an input parameter to take the input of the day value till which the report has to be shown as done below:

Now we need to create a calculated column to define the “FromDay” as shown below:

We have a functionality named “Expression” in Calculation View (Graphical) in Projection or Aggregation nodes

We need to define the filter expression as shown below:

Connecting to Analysis Office:

1) Selecting the data source to login to the relevant SAP HANA database as shown below:

2) Choose the data source and login as shown below:

Output in AO:

If you see carefully in the output, i have applied cross tab to get the output in the way we get in Bex using customer exit.

We can also apply other KPI scenario's like Previous Year Vs Current Year comparison, etc..

Hope this blog is helpful to you. Do share your feedback on the same.

Hope you understood on how to apply YTD when using SAP HANA with SAP BO Analysis Office as reporting tool.


Krishna Tangudu

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