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You can write logic in your Event BeforeSave in your extend field in XBO.

Mask Telephone

       var CurrentTelephone = this.CurrentDefaultAddressInformation.Address.DefaultConventionalPhone.FormattedNumberDescription;

       var tel_check = CurrentTelephone.Contains("-");

       if (tel_check == false){

             var ddd = CurrentTelephone.Substring(4,2);

             var pretelephone = CurrentTelephone.Substring(6,4);

             var suftelephone = CurrentTelephone.Substring(10,4);

             var formatTelephone = ddd + " " + pretelephone + "-" + suftelephone;

              this.CurrentDefaultAddressInformation.Address.DefaultConventionalPhone.FormattedNumberDescription = formatTelephone;   


Mask PostalCode

       var CurrentpostalCode = this.CurrentDefaultAddressInformation.Address.DefaultPostalAddressRepresentation.StreetPostalCode;

       var posicao = CurrentpostalCode.Contains("-");

       if (posicao == false) {

             var prefixPostalCode = CurrentpostalCode.Substring(0,5);

             var sufixPostalCode  = CurrentpostalCode.Substring(5,3);

             var postalCode = prefixPostalCode + "-" + sufixPostalCode;

              this.CurrentDefaultAddressInformation.Address.DefaultPostalAddressRepresentation.StreetPostalCode = postalCode


This document was generated from the following discussion: Apply Masks in Extended field

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