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Hello SAP Community

With the present blog, i stick to detail the importance of SAP UI5 Libraries, classes, constructors, properties, aggregations, associations, events and methods. In precise, i just indicated about SAP UI5 API Reference from SAP UI5 SDK:

Below is the skeleton of SAP UI5 framework.

The flowchart cited over is nothing but the one related to SAP UI5 SDK.

SAP UI5 developers/beginners may hit around SAP UI5 SDK frequently. Yet, few might not be insightful what it is for. This illustration may support them or to the one's who just evoked to soak into SAP UI5.

Constructor: It is defined with the id and necessary settings based on our want.
new sap.m.Button(sId, mSettings)

	var oRadioButton = new RadioButton("oControllerRadio", {
text: "Features",
selected: true,
tooltip:"Aggregation of Radio Button"

Properties: tells about how particular control will display on the screen with its predefined attributes.

Aggregations: this tag usually serves as a direct child of a container and contains children.

Associations: One control can be labelled/manipulated with the help of other control. Advantage of this is both can be created and deleted independently.

Events: Helps to behave an activity on the SAP UI5 controls from the UI screen.

Methods: For the properties stated above, we can work for getter & setter methods which means to get/set the properties.

Below example refers the API Reference of SAP UI5 SDK.
<mvc:View controllerName="com.RadioButton.controller.View1" xmlns:mvc="sap.ui.core.mvc" displayBlock="true" xmlns="sap.m">
<Shell id="shell">
<!--App is an aggregation of sap.m.Shell-->
<App id="app">
<!--Title, class, id defines properties-->
<Page title="Page" class="sapUiContentPadding" id="page">
<!--Content is an aggregation of sap.m.Page-->
<!--ariaDescribedBy is an association of sap.m.Button-->
<!--text is a property of sap.m.Button-->
<!--press is an event of sap.m.Button-->
<Button text="Default" press="onPress" ariaDescribedBy="genericButtonDescription">
<!--layoutData is an aggregation of sap.m.Button-->
<FlexItemData growFactor="1"/>
<!--id for sap.m.Label defines association for the sap.m.Button mentioned abouve-->
<!--text is the property of sap.m.Label-->
<Label id="genericButtonDescription" text="Association Example"/>

I hope this blog boosts few SAP UIers and search in further to keep me posted with comments...

Thank you!! 🙂


BR//Dhanasupriya Sidagam
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