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Hello SAP World,

A while ago i've created a free NodeJS rest service to expose the Brazilian Web Service status for NF-e, CT-e, etc (check it out here), and the idea came to mind to use SAP API Management for my next sample project, to show the power of this excellent tool. So based on the current situation that we've been all living in (Covid-19), a lot of colleagues are getting their projects cancelled, etc, so maybe somehow i could help a little more (both on the Knowledge sharing area and next JOB searching area).

So i've created a REST API, using API Management, to consume SAP JOB placements worldwide from Indeed® , that is "the #1 job site in the world with over 250 million unique visitors every month. Indeed strives to put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. Every day, we connect millions of people to new opportunities.".

This API is free, running on a SAP Cloud Platform DEMO environment, and does not require a API Key (as regularly API management service does). My goal here is to help you create your own job search solution (knowledge area) consuming this API, and also maybe you could even find your next role here (search area), right?

API Architecture:

The API Management developer portal for the API is here (S-User needed):

But you don't need one(S-User) to consume the API.

As you can see above, the API URL is: 

So how do you search JOBs on it? You should put the parameters on the URL like this:{Module}&c...

Modules: SAP Modules, like: ABAP, HANA, SD, HCM, etc.

Country: Use the Alpha-2 code at, example: for Germany use DE.

PageStart: It brings the last 25 results and it can be paged at each 25 results (check the service result for more details).

Testing Brazilian ABAP Jobs on Postman:

And Voilà, you have the list of latest JOBs from Indeed's database.

But i did not stop there, to go even deeper i've decided to create a "sample/demo" SAPUI5 application that consumes this service, to: be available to everyone that want's (for free as well) and to server as a "base" project for more complex solutions (it's a DEMO API, don't create a "production" solution out of it ? ).

You can find the source code at Github and the live DEMO running at:

On this DEMO users can navigate to the JOB URL and Map directions, based on their search criteria(Module and Country). Again, it's a DEMO version to serve as base, it could have a lot of improvements (like run on WebIDE, Next page paging, etc....), and that is the challenge!

So now:

Hope you guys enjoyed and it could help you somehow (knowledge area or your next SAP role).

Stay safe.

Best Regards.
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