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Apache Pulsar is a distributed open source Publication/Subscription based messaging system developed at Yahoo. Pulsar is considered as an alternative to Kafka because of the key features below. Advantco releases an adapter to enable out of the box integration with a Pulsar broker.

Pulsar Key features:

  • Inbuilt support for multiple clusters

  • Support for Geo-replication of messages across multiple clusters

  • Multiple subscription modes

  • Scalable to millions of topics

  • Uses Apache BookKeeper to guarantee message delivery.

  • Low latency


At the highest level, a Pulsar instance is composed of one or more Pulsar clusters. Clusters within an instance can replicate data amongst themselves.

In a Pulsar cluster:

One or more brokers handles and load balances incoming messages from producers, dispatches messages to consumers, communicates with the Pulsar configuration store to handle various coordination tasks, stores messages in BookKeeper instances (aka bookies), relies on a cluster-specific ZooKeeper cluster for certain tasks, and more.
A BookKeeper cluster consisting of one or more bookies handles persistent storage of messages.
A ZooKeeper cluster specific to that cluster handles
The diagram below provides an illustration of a Pulsar cluster:


Using the Pulsar dashboard to visualize the topics available on the broker.

Publisher mode.

The Advantco Pulsar adapter can be used as a receiver channel to publish messages to a Pulsar topic. In the example below, the Pulsar adapter connects to a topic serviceorder using Kerbores authentication mode.


Subscriber mode.

The Advantco Pulsar adapter acts as a subscriber to a Pulsar topic. In example below, the Pulsar adapter connects to the topic serviceorder using the subscription first-subscription. In this channel, the authentication mode is Token.


Integrating with a Pulsar broker poses big challenges to any SAP PO team due to the many technical hurdles that one may encounter. The Advantco Pulsar adapter for SAP PO makes this challenge manageable with having the SAP PO team to be boggled down by the technical complexities of understanding the Pulsar API and authentication modes.
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