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I am sure most of the mature SAP using organizations have stable, full fledged and satisfying analitics solutions/landscape/architecture. Ofcourse every perfect system has defects, but these are part of daily routine, that's why we the technicians are stand for. However if anyone who steps back and asks these 5 questions, the cold face of the truth will hit without any mercy:

1. Is your solutions/landscape/architecture able to get data from unstructured Bigdata sources like Apachi Hadoop?

2. How much are your users depend on IT in order develop and share their stories?

3. Are you able to reach results any time, any where, by using any device?

4. How often you company's board meetings are postponed or re-arrenged because reports could not be retrieved?

5. How fresh those operational result figures that the board members are discussing over them?

I do not want to scare you but, your existing solutions/landscape/architecture is about to die, If you want to keep it or force to survive, then your company is about to die.

Today with existing solutions/landscape/architecture; it is like driving the car by looking back using the mirrors or try to steer the company by using yesterday's figures.

Change is not easy but very much required. Answers are few clicks away, just search in google:  HANA and Lumira.



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