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Product and Topic Expert

Dear Community,

[Update - 27.02.2020] The community have spoken on below question. We are changing our name we hope you like our rebranding!

[Update] Please read our question asking for help to find a new name. We want to try and find a more suitable name for our event.

I am proud to announce that we will host the first ONLINE-Only SAP Knowledge sharing event. I'm working with some amazing individuals that more than anything deserves a big mention in all of this:

  • rsletta

  • annejohnson

  • katan.patel3

  • nabheetscn

  • speri

Let me start by describing what this event will be like.


It will be an online-only event spanning 24 hours. The intent is that we can then cover all time zones. We are relying on the community to host sessions that we will stream online. The plan is to create online social activities as well throughout the 24 hours to keep the engagement going. We will host the sessions and have a chat community on the side for people to network.

Why are we doing this

In short, we felt the time was right to try it out. The SAP Inside Track movement is really taken off and this is an attempt to create a global event to have heaps of content made available for the community.

Also, we are making this a fundraising event, where we are raising money for GirlsWhoCode.

So while the event will be free for everyone to join, please consider donating to this great cause.

This is really something that has a big personal interest for me to raise awareness of the huge gender gap in technology. Especially in SAP, you can listen to the SAP Coffee Corner podcast with yojibee if you want to learn more.

When is this taking place

The event will start on the 30th of May 2020 at 12 noon CET. Then the aim is to keep the event going for 24 hours until noon on the 31st of May. We hope we will get enough sessions to fill all the 24 hours and hopefully in multiple tracks, so there is something for everyone.H

How can I present

You might think that you need a semi professional setup to do a session. Trust me you really don't. A computer, headset and an internet connection is enough. You can also chose whether or not you want to use Webcam. This is entirely up to you. No pressure from our side. We really just appreciate your contribution.

Please submit your proposal here before the 1st of may. That gives us a chance to work out a calendar. 

If you want to help out on the day. Please let fill out this form 

This is still early stages, so we are working hard on getting all the bits and pieces together. So please stay tuned.

Make sure to follow us on twitter

Also please subscribe to the YouTube channel, where all the content will be streamed. The subscription will help us get an easier URL.
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