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Appending this today after responding to a few comments. Some people may not realize what April Fool's day is, which may be more common in the US. In any case, this was meant as a fun post and not to be taken seriously. I will keep this up though, as many people have had fun with it.


The long-awaited Apple Watch is finally getting the killer app. Today, Mindset is announcing the official release of SAP GUI for Apple Watch. A fully functioning ERP attached directly to your wrist.

Now you can finally show off your $10,000 gold watch with an amazing app. And you can show all of your friends how you can create a new sales order with a few (dozen) clicks, twists, taps, and turns.

Check out the VA03 Sales Order app:

Imagine this simple use case:

1. Launch the app - Simply shake your hand in circles 3 times while screaming SAP GUI (English only at this time).

2. Open your transaction code VA01 - You simply pinch the screen and use the Digital Crown working through a few hundred t-codes in alphabetical order until you get to the one you want. Unfortunately V is later in the alphabet.

3. Select some basic settings as well by using the Digital Crown to cycle through the lists. You may want to sit down, get a coffee and ensure your battery is fully charged.

4. Pick some materials:

5. Submit your order!

In our next release for SAP and Apple Watch we will create a direct connection from your Apple Watch to your corporate HR solution so that the company can raise your insurance contributions if you are not taking enough steps or eating too many donuts.

For more innovative solutions, please visit

(Happy April Fools Day!)

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