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Announcing our On-Demand Export Cloud for SAP Design Studio!

SAP Design Studio allows you to create top-of-the-art reporting and beautiful analytical dashboards. Business users love the look and feel of this new reporting solution by SAP.

But then, users click on the standard function to create a PDF document and they get a low-resolution export, which can barely be customized to the Corporate Design. Exports to PowerPoint and Word are not possible at all – even though these features would allow your users to generate management presentations or briefing books with just one click!

Design Studio Export Add-on by bi excellence

Here our Export Add-on for SAP Design Studio comes into the game. Based on our experience from many export projects, we have created a high-quality and highly customizable export solution – which not only allows you to create online exports to PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Excel – but also supports complex publishing scenarios. For a detailed list of features, see the following link:

In order to provide at the same time the best possible exports to your users and the easiest deployment scenario for IT, our solution is based on a central service which connects to SAP Design Studio via https. This central service is called “open bi Repository Server”.

On premise vs. On demand

So far our customers install this Windows service on premise. This means they buy a one-time license and sign a yearly contract for the maintenance.

However, the purchasing of software licenses may be an exhausting process depending on your company’s principles. That is why we decided to provide a new on-demand model. This has the following advantages for you

  • No “big price tag” license cost
  • “on demand” payment: You only pay monthly by usage of the export feature

  • Full flexibility: You can quit the contract at any time

  • Pre-paid packages e.g. for 1000 pages allow you to keep track of the costs

The Export Cloud by bi excellence

This on demand service comes to you via the Export Cloud by bi excellence. This adds to more advantages:

  • Maintenance is included in the “on demand” payment
  • No server installation necessary – reduction of costs and support time

The cloud service resembles the on premise installation. As we know that your company data must be protected by the best means the Export Cloud by bi excellence offers the following advantages:

  • Secure communication via https
  • Servers are hosted in Germany by certified service partners

  • No data or documents are logged on the Export Cloud

  • No-one can interfere or capture your export process

  • Highly secure scenarios via VPN or SECUDE connections possible

Sounds good? Evaluate now!

You got interested?

Simply register on for the evaluation version. This one uses a smaller version of our Export Cloud and is the best means to test our capabilities!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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